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His side of the story


I'm not a great writer, but it's easy to write about your favorite subject huh? Rachel and I met through youth group at the church we attended. It wasn't until my senior year in high school that I stepped my game up. We went on a mission trip together to a place called Ambassador Camp. Throughout the trip we had many "coincidental work locations together", meal, and hang out times, I was hooked. I came up with a new nickname for her as we painted buildings, flirted and hung out on the trip. We had a great week together and at the end I got her number before we left. I figured I should give her ample time after the trip before I texted her. So I was patient and waited till the van ride home obviously. I mustered up the courage and sent a very manly, enticing, romantic two word text. "Hey Squirt." (nickname) She had to be hooked after that right? We're officially talking, smooth moves. 

After that trip I came home spoke with her dad and told him that I wanted to pursue Rachel. To which he responded, informing me that there would be a series of four dates at home with Rachel and the family in order to make that happen. The first of which consisted of a 25 mile cycling ride at 7 AM with just the two of us, him and I, so that he could kick my butt, but that's beside the point. Our relationship continued to grow, and we had an amazing time in high school getting to know each other, hanging out with our friends, and dating each other for over a year until I graduated. After my senior year, I went straight into basic training for the United States Air Force. I was gone for 8 1/2 weeks. It was difficult to be long-distance in every sense of the word, and afterwards on the night I graduated basic training, we broke up. Curveball. "If we're meant to be together, we will be together," we said. We had some very wise counsel and we broke up until Rachel was a freshman in college. 

Life brought us back together and we would never be the same. I asked her out that semester, and we picked up where we left off. We were both very different, we were both really excited, and we were both a little confused. But it was amazing to start again and make up for lost time. Over the past two years, i've continued to fall. We are two people that together love Jesus, adventure, family feud, shagging, road trips, spontaneity, and each other. And that's pretty cool. I've learned to love, cherish, and confide in my best friend. 

Now? I can't wait to marry the girl of my dreams.