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Up Here

On October 18th, 2008 at 7:54pm, I did not become a Christian. I may have been in the process, but my relationship with the Lord and realization He was my Lord did not happen quickly; it was a reluctant decision & full of hesitation. It was a cycle of being frustrated with my life, having it go "my way", relying on myself, and then failing again.

On May 28, 2014 at 12:23 however, I did go skydiving. This experience put it all in perspective. There was absolutely a process to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. It was not just one easy step. Instead, it was full of precautions, harnesses, safety recommendations, and contract signing. Similar to our walk with Christ, it is not one easy step.

When we signed the contract, we read what was required & expected because I genuinely wanted to risk my life, but it did not include the experience 

<< similar to first deciding you want a relationship with the Lord >> 

We were geared up, and shown what each piece of equipment did and how it would save us in the situation we were putting ourselves into. 

<< similar to learning more about Jesus and what he has done in our life >>

We got in the airplane and enjoyed a plane ride which took us from our comfort zone- the ground. Flying until we got to 10,000 ft of elevation, my stomach turned, questioning my decision and why I have told this pilot and tandem skydiver that I would like to free fall out of an airplane. 

<< when we go through trials and tribulations and are no longer comfortable, and we start to see things from a different perspective and question if this is where we want to be >>

We reached our target elevation. The door opened. It was now my decision, feet dangling, wind whipping my hair, mind racing, and heart thumping, do I want to jump? 

<< Are you fully trusting the Lord with the situation you’re in? Are you willing to jump all in and free fall with him, trusting his plan, “drop zone,” and target landing area? >>

It took a while for me to decide that I was fully ready to commit to what the Lord had for me. Metaphorically, I sat on the edge of that plane for a while. It took several life altering instances where I then discovered. There is no way that sitting right here is better than falling down there. I then decided that I was ready to fall in love with Christ. To jump, knowing that I still don’t know everything; nonetheless, I was excited to see His beauty in the process.

Currently, I am still falling in love with Christ. He has pulled my parachute and I am experiencing his grace, unfailing love, and beauty from an elevated perspective, with an adrenaline rush that not many experience because they’re dreaming about it from the edge of the plane.

Don’t settle for the view on the ground, be causes the bird’s-eye-view is incredible.

Where are you?

Why haven’t you jumped?

“But for you who fear My name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings; and you will go forth and skip” Malachi 4:2

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