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Dressing Room Diaries // Target

This shopping trip to Target, I spy'd a few fun additions to my closet that I wanted to try on, maybe even buy, but regardless - I want to be transparent. Out of all of these items, I loved most of them, traded out a few for sizes and walked away with one piece. Can you guess which one?


1. Denim Skirt + Mustard Velvet Top

Who loves an outfit with texture?? I do for sure! This mustard color velvet top is a great length for a date night paired with high waisted jeans or even a fun skirt, like I tried here. To be honest, the skirt + top wasn't my favorite pairing. But, individually, they rock. The top was not itchy like I expected, it was super comfy. The skirt I had to size up in (by one size). I love the distressed look, the length is perfect for a date night with heels but you could still wear it during the day (no hoochy mama up in here). Sad news, I couldn't find the top but the black denim skirt can be shopped here!

2. Utility Jeggings with zippers

The next item I tried on was what I was looking forward to most! I use to have jeans/leggings that looked just like this but they were Hudson's and I didn't want to splurge on a second pair but now, Target has some that look so so similar and they come in lots of fun colors. I loved these pinkish ones! They're the softest things ever but also don't feel like jeggings, they're still pretty thick like normal denim.. 

These fit true to size.


3. Ruffled Off the Shoulder Jumpsuit

This one was Thomas's favorite. It's a super fun jumpsuit that hugs up top and gets looser at the legs. It's not a maxi, although the flowiness makes it look like a dress. The off-the-shoulder adds a fun, casual look. It's perfect for any date night or beach trip. I sized down in this one, hallllllaaaa!

Like I said, I loved most of them, I traded out a few for sizes and walked away with one piece. Can you guess which one?

Any suggestions on where I should go for the next Dressing Room Diaries?? Comment them below!