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"Must Have" Beauty Products for the "Girl on-the-go"

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I'm obsessing over these products because they're toxin-free and super super rejuvenating and healthy for your skin. Beautycounter is a line that I've been using and needed to share! I consider myself the "master of the to-do list." I guess this makes me a "girl on the go" so I listed the top 5 products for women like me, on a mission. 

If you love any of these products, follow the links to buy them! They're a great addition to your skincare routine and awesome replacements for the toxic products that you may currently use!

When checking out the site feel free to include me as your "Consultant" and I'd love to help you through any process or questions you have about the products. 

1. Brightening Facial Mist

I'm thinking that this mist was made my unicorns - it's that amazing. I use this on my busy days to prep my skin, again to set my makeup and throughout the day to keep my face look fresh and bright (hence the name, "brightening").

2. Lip Conditioner

I feel like when I travel a lot or when I'm constantly moving, running errands, and what-not, my lips start cracking and getting dry. I hate this feeling and sometimes find it a place of being a confidence drainer. Soooo, I use my lip conditioner as a pick-me-up. My favorite flavor is the peppermint flavor and it smells just like Christmas.

3. Lip Gloss

Hallelujah when we find a lip gloss that's not sticky, right?? This gloss goes on easily for a subtle shine throughout the day. My favorite color for most days is "Peony" - the perfect pink!

Also, check out a Lip Shine that gives your lip a great shine without the color (a great, natural look).

4. Beautycounter Body Wash

After a long day running errands and doing what I needed to do I feel yucky. I love to scrub off the day with this body wash by Beautycounter. I love it because I recently threw away my other well-known body wash because of its high content of toxins. I replaced it with this body wash, smelling like citrus mimosa, and am so so impressed. Yay for clean skin at the end of the day!

5. Tinted Moisturizer (with SPF 20)

Great makeup doesn't only enhance your skin's appearance, it protects it, too. This tinted moisturizer has great coverage while also being light and having SPF to protect you from that walk in the parking lot with the baking sun.