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This past summer, Thomas and I had the privilege of being on a dating panel. We were asked questions by high schoolers about our dating experiences, engaged experiences and our so far marriage experience. Needless to say, we loved talking about love and each other. We realized that throughout the several times we sat on the panel, nearly every time we would get the same questions. 

After the panel ended we chatted about:

1. How mature those middle and high schoolers were. There's no way we could have come up with those thought provoking questions when we were there age.

2. With the amount of times we received the same questions, there are probably more that are thinking the same ones.

3. Not that we did it "the right way" because there's multiple right ways. But, we do love to share our experiences, date ideas, pursuits, and mistakes with others so they can learn from our experiences, try out the date and pursuit ideas and avoid the mistakes.

So, we have decided to continue the "dating panel" on the blog. 

Submit your questions below and we will respond in our creative way in a few weeks. Include your name, keep it anonymous, just your email, whatever you want! We will only be able to see what you submit. We just ask that you ask the questions that have always been on your mind, anything you're curious about and we promise to be as honest as possible. 

If you'd like to continue to be included in upcoming news, some fun videos, short word vomits of what's on my heart and just to be informed whenever a new post comes out, subscribe while you're at it and we'll make sure you're included in some exclusive fun. 

Looking forward to posting the answers to your questions soon!

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Name (feel free to leave anonymous if you wanna)