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Dew Skin vs. Tint Skin


It’s a lightweight foundation with light to medium buildable coverage and a natural finish to visibly even skin tone.



It’s a benefit-packed tinted moisturizer that delivers lightweight hydration.

Benefits include:
hint of sheer coverage
SPF 20 protection
a luminous dewy glow

What’s inside?
Black currant seed oil, peony root extract, and Vitamin C to help brighten (while leaving skin looking radiant).

How do I apply?
Dew Skin should be applied with fingers. In order to get the full SPF 20 coverage, skincancer.org says you should use a nickle-sized amount of product to cover your entire face in an event layer.

You can always wear both together! Dew Skin under Tint Skin for SPF 20 coverage and a dewier finish.

The Skincare Regimen You've Been Needing

If you could try any Beautycounter product, what would it be? ORRR if you’ve already fallen in love with a product, which one is it?? Sooo curious!

For me, it’s the freaking Countermatch line. Always rocking my world and bringing the dewiness (minus the oils) to my face. It’s like an at-home facial! Soo obsessed with the whole Countermatch regimen! 🙌🏻✨

Warm Eyeshadow Pallet + Other Current Makeup Faves

You asked so I’ll answer! Linking some of my favorite beauty faves below! They’re my tried and true!


 Tint Skin Foundation   // Eyebrow Pencil // Eyebrow Gel // Lip Stick // Eyeshadow Pallet // Blush

Wanna save some money and go all in? Try the Flawless in Five where you get:

  • Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation
  • Touchup Skin Concealer Pen
  • Color Define Brow Pencil or Brilliant Brow Gel
  • Lengthening or Volumizing Mascara
  • Satin Powder Blush
  • Lip Gloss
Spring Makeup Routine

Lots of fun questions about my new spring makeup look! So I figured I should just share a few of my fave products and how I created this look for all to see!


Better Than Sex Mascara
(my favorite mascara, only need one layer)

Creaseless Concealer
(make sure not to use too much and get 2 shades lighter than your skin tone to use for contouring)

(the best coverage, not too heavy, not too light)

(I apply this first to prep my skin)

Eyebrow Pencil
(I use to fill in)

Eyebrow gel
(I use to keep shape, like a “hairspray” for your eyebrows)

(under my cheeks bones, dusted on my forehead and neck)

Eyeshadow Pallet
(theeeee best colors!)

Fave Nude Lip
(Works on any skin tone, it’s magical)

(sometimes I wear this eyeliner in brown and I add this blush in “Nectar” when feeling fancy)

My Mascara Picks

Mascara is my thing! Mascara completes any look, all you do is swipe on and go! Or, at least, that’s the hope, right? For many years, I was having to spend a few minutes just on my lashes to make sure they 1) weren’t “clumpy” 2) they were separated and covered well and 3) having to apply multiple layers just to get the look I wanted.

Now, I have found the way to go about doing my lashes with my four favorite that I always have in my makeup bag. They’re all very different and you may prefer one over the other depending on your lash type. I’m digging into all of the details below on what you should know about each to get the lashes to the perfection you’ve always wanted!

Better Than Sex by Too Faced

This is my absolute favorite, hands down. There’s not many mascaras out there that can out preform this bad boy. An awkward and unfortunate name, but a great mascara! It goes on thick with only one or two swipes. The “fluffiness” of the brush allows all of your lashes, inside and out, to get reached when applying. It’s a little bit more expensive than regular mascara but trust me, it’s worth the splurge. The only thing I would change about this formula is the small amount of flakiness that you may find under your eyes after about 10 hours of wear. It’s not noticeable unless you look in a magnified mirror - just wanted to be honest! My friends with shorter lashes are not fans of this particular mascara but if you have medium to longer lashes, you’ll appreciate this one!

L'Oréal Lash Paradise

People will say that this mascara is the “dupe” for the one above. Although it’s similar, it’s definitely not the same when you look at performance. I wish I could say it was because the price is substantially less expensive but you’re paying for what kind of quality you’re getting. It’s a thicker mascara than other drug store brands, but doesn’t go on as seamlessly as the one above. The packaging is similar and the thickness of the actually formula is similar, that’s about it. I found that my lashes were clumping rather than being evenly separated like the Too Faced mascara above. Just my personal opinion! Others love it, so it may be something to try out if you’re on a budget but still want a thicker mascara!

L'Oréal Voluminous Million Lashes

This one was my absolute fave before I found the ones above. If you have shorter and/or thinner lashes, this could be for you! It’s all about volumizing those puppies so you’ll find that this formula may take a few more minutes of application to get the same affect but you have more control since it’s a bit thinner.

Beautycounter Volumizing Mascara

You’ll either absolutely love this or hate it - I’ve heard people feel both about this one! However, this has been a staple of mine for about a year now! It’s another “quick swipe” one that you’ll love if you like a quick routine. It’s luxurious for several reasons: it’s clean, there’s no harsh chemicals, there’s no flaking and it lengthens and adds volume to your lashes. However, it is a thinner formula and takes a few layers of application to get the same affect as the ones above.

If you’re looking for a new mascara, any of the ones above are top notch and out-preform all of the other hundreds of mascara types and brands on the same shelves! You can’t go wrong with any of these and these are four of the best that I always keep on hand! I can’t wait to hear what you think! What are you favorite mascara brands?

My Current Skincare Routine
Skincare (1 of 1).jpg

I like to know my skin is taken care of when I sleep - there's a peace of mind knowing you're ending your day well with your body.

Rose Water Spray

I like to spray my face and fan it dry with my hands after my face is clean to give it the vitamins it needs and to take away any redness I might have after the day.

Charcoal Bar

I like to rinse off the day in a shower and I love using my charcoal bar. Charcoal acts as a magnetic and strips away the dirt from your pores, unlike any other soap. If you don't have one of these bars, it's a must!

Cream Exfoliator

My go-to facial cleanser!! It has tiny grains to help exfoliate your face but it's gentle and soft enough to use daily.


I love this moisturizer as my everyday moisturizer. Whether you have oily skin, dry skin or combo, this is made for you. It adapts to what your skin is needing so I never feel too greasy or too dry after using this.

Ultra Moisturizer

If my skin needs extra attention in a certain area, I love using this moisturizer in lieu of the other one. Plus, it's more affordable so it's great for daily use without breaking the budget.

Eye cream

I highly suggest using an eye cream nightly! If you are 19+, it's time to start using eye cream. Not necessarily for anti-aging repair but to protect from aging. Just a little under your eyes adds the moisture your eyes need to stay glowy and bright.

Charcoal Mask

Every so often I treat myself to a charcoal mask and it is SO FUN. Not only do I enjoy the pampering but I love how I can actually see it working. After a few minutes, I can see holes in my skin (pores) becoming empty. It's easy to wash off! Love love love!

Beach Picks


I always tell my friends to pick out sunglasses that are super fun, block the sun and aren't expensive. The worst is when you get to the beach and the sand scratches the lens. So, I buy a few cheaper pair for the summertime - that way I'm not heartbroken if anything happens to them.

Straw Beach Tote

Somethin' cute to throw your stuff in. It's easy to carry around, big enough to put things in but not too big that you feel like you're lugging it around.

Bohemian Cover-Up

Not all coverups have to be t-shirts and jean shorts. I mean really, jean shorts + sand + wet bathing suit is not my favorite combo. That's why I choose a flowy dress/type coverup for the beach.

Birkenstock Sandals

Sandals are also tricky. They need to be easy to wash up, preferably cute but also comfy in case you wanted to take a walk to the pier or go on a bike ride to lunch.

Classy One Piece

Two pieces are so fun but I'm thankful that one-pieces are back in! Especially at the beach: it doesn't give the ocean any opportunity to take away any pieces (hehe). This one combines a little bit of fun and a lot of class. I love this color - super flattering on any skin tone or body shape.


DON'T FORGET YOUR SUNSCREEN! Here's the deal: not all sunscreens are actually helping your skin. In fact, most have chemicals in them that are actually doing more hurt than good to your skin. I've found a sunscreen that I love and think is so super safe for the beach + whatever your day looks like. It comes in a lotion and sprays!!

Baby Wipes

If you've been around this tribe for a while, you'll know why I love these so much.
1. They smell so good
2. They can be used for any circumstance: to remove that little bit of mascara from under your eyes after swimming, refresh your pits, wipe off the sand + sweat, add a little bit of moisture back to your legs after getting some sun
3. They don't leave a stickiness to your skin, your skin is left so so soft!

Must have! Unfortunately, these aren't available online (only available at some Target on the baby isles with other wipes + diapers).

Summer Beauty Faves
BeautyProducts (1 of 2).jpg

Tarte Pearl Glow

Great for an on the go whitening session. If you have a big date, a wedding to attend, maybe just to brush up after a coffee date with a friend, this is a great solution. Simply twist the bottom for the solution to be released onto the brush and swipe over teeth. It feels silly but you just have to smile until it dries (45 seconds - 1 minute) and then continue throughout your day. I like to brush my teeth afterwards because I don't like the texture but either with do!

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

I've been looking for a moisturizer that doesn't 1. sit on my dry skin and stay and 2. doesn't make my skin too greasy. I just need the right amount of hydration. I use Beautycounter's Countermatch moisturizer for my face but my forehead needs a little bit more attention,. This Repair cream works miracles! Truly! Also, it's super affordable!!

Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

I use this as lotion on the tops of my legs and near my "bum bum" to help tighten and firm. Seriously, I know it sounds a little nuts, I can see/feel the difference. Great to swipe on before the pool, lake or beach!

Rose Water Spray

Another great help for my dry skin out here in Northern California! I spray this on my fresh face after the shower, before applying makeup and after my nighttime routine. It's wonderful! The fresh smell of rose wakes me up! If you want to take it to another level, store it in the fridge to make it a fresh cool feel when you get in from the summer heat!

Highlighter + Bronzer Stick

I mean, a lifesaver when I want to either spend time doing my makeup or run out the door. I apply a little of the bronzer on the sides of my nose, the corners of my forehead and below my cheekbones and blend with my middle and pointer finger. For the highlighter, I apply it on my cheekbones and the bridge of my nose. If I'm wearing lip stick, I also apply it on my cupid's bow.


Skincare Routine Steps + Products

Over on Instagram, I shared my skincare routine and WOW. Y'all blew it up! I figured with all of the interest on Insta, it would probably be smart to have it all in one place with links, pictures and the facts that I shared, all in one place. So here!

I put the products in order of how I use them. Some of them I switch out every other day so make sure to read how I use them. 

Quick tip: I use them from least oily to most oily so that I'm not blocking my pores first thing from getting what it needs. For example, I'll use a mist before I use a moisturizer and a moisturizer before I use a cream and a cream before I use an oil. Hope that makes sense!


Face Wash

First, ya gotta wash your face. Make sure all the dirt is off and your face is clean before applying other products. This is my favorite because it's a gentle exfoliator so it's lifting dead skin as well as nastiness. Great for sensitive skin.


Face Mist

Sounds crazy but you really need a face mist a part of your routine. It preps your skin for the prepping. Crazy, I know. It wakes your skin up to get ready and recieve all of the moisture and nourishment it's about to recieve in your routine.


Face oil

Better than moisturizer. I promise! If you have oily skin, you need this. If you have dry skin, you need this. Seriously, putting oil on your skin tells it, "hey, here's the oil you need that you're either a) trying to produce or b) producing too much of." It helps regulate oil release. Amazing!



Not an oil fan? That's okay. This is for you! It's the greatest moisturizer on the market. Honestly. No matter your skin type, this bad boy can handle it. If you're too oily, it will control that. If you're super dry, it will brighten you right up. Also, it smells like cake.


Eye Cream

This eye cream is amazing for instant restoration. If you need tightness or just an everyday eye cream, this is the best I've found.


Anti-aging Eye Cream

I switch in between this and the other eye cream from day to day. This one is anti aging and will help restore your skin and prevent wrinkles.


Eye Masks

If you've never done an eye treatment, it's the most relaxing thing. These are easy to apply, it takes 5 minutes and instantly tightens and brightens under your eye



Matcha Stick

I carry this around everywhere with me (flights, groceries, in my purse) it's the best for quick hydration on your lips, dry spots or under the eyes. The matcha moisturizes super quickly!


Jade Roller

I mentioned on my Instagram stories wanting one of these to roll in the extra oils. I've heard nothing but amazing things and might order one to try!

What's in my Makeup Bag?
HomeShoot (27 of 40).jpg

I often get asked, "what do you use for your moisturizer?" "Have you found a favorite bronzer?" "Do you use a 'clean' deodorant?" and other similar questions and today's the day where I spill the beans and talk about what I keep in my makeup bag!

I normally keep my makeup in an acrylic drawer but when I travel, I love using this see-through bag to help me see what's inside so I don't dig for anything. I keep everything in there I may need - not just makeup.


Moisturizer // the best for any skin type - oily, dry, combination. It's considered a "bio-mimic" which means it fits the needs of any skin type.

Chapstick // I use this after I moisturize my face to prep my lips for color

Foundation // my favorite for light coverage but is great at evening out my skin tone. It's non-toxic, too!

Deodorant // This one is actually called "the healthy deodorant" because it does the job without all of the harsh chemicals other deodorant introduce to our bodies. I'm really careful with what I put around my chest area because of things that can easily lead to breast cancer. This one smells tropical, too!

Bronzer // This one is made with real cocoa so it smells like chocolate and is super pigmented + it's pretty clean, too!

Concealer // This concealer is super thick and can cover any area well

Dry Shampoo // I always carry around dry shampoo for days that my hair may seem oily but also for the days that I need a little lift

Make-up Bag Flat Lay FINAL.jpg

Mascara // this one is super volumizing (I just have to use a few more coats than normal)

Eyebrow Pencil // Love this shade + the fact that there's a side for brushing your brows and a side for the color!

Eyeshadow Pallet // Super pigmented, the most fun colors for contouring but also more subtle colors for everyday use

Lipstick // So smooth, like butter. It hydrates my lips while also coloring them!


What are you "must haves" in your makeup bag?? I'd love to know and check them out!

HomeShoot (29 of 40).jpg

my makeup bag 

Bloggers Who Beautycounter + A Giveaway

If you're an old friend, you know how obsessed I am with Beautycounter and if you follow me on Instagram, you hear about it frequently. But, if you're new around here, welcome! I'm so glad you're here - especially today! I'm hosting a giveaway with some of my favorite women on this planet for several reasons.
One of the parts of Beautycounter that I've found to be my favorite is the team of women I work alongside! We have the ability to encourage one another, bounce ideas off of each other and propel each other's dreams. We decided to pair up to spread the mission: putting safer products in the hands of ever below!

A little bit about Rachel...

For all of my new friends over here, I'm Rachel! My husband, Thomas, my puppy, Remi, and I live in Birmingham, Alabama. But, we travel out west to California for the summertimes. I'm obsessed with all life hacks, new recipes, chai lattes and photographing our travels! You can find all of the adventures up on the blog with my new favorite trends, recipes, decor ideas while also snagging some tips for your creative heart from webinars and email classes! 

How did you first learn about Beautycounter?

The very first time I saw anything Beautycounter was in my stocking last Christmas. My mother-in-love is obsessed (now I see why) and gifted me with the Nourishing Day Cream and Nourishing Eye Cream. I used it in place of my moisturizer I was currently using. Wow - what a difference! At the time, I was a newlywed, I knew I needed to switch products but just needed an extra push. Unfortunately, my "push" was health concerns. My doctor encouraged me to consider which products I'm using and how to switch them out for less-toxic products.
*cue the eye roll* I knew I needed to make the switch to Beautycounter. I contact my friend, Mary Scott, who sells Beautycounter, and she told me about the business and how great of an opportunity this would be for me - so glad she did!!

Why did you join as a consultant?

After my conversation with Mary Scott, I realized that if I was going to make the switch, a little discount off of products would definitely help! On top of that, I loved being empowered to educate people about what they were using on their skin so they didn't end up in the unhealthy condition I was in. As if that wasn't good enough, I'm totally a people person and getting to form relationships with others on my team was an opportunity I was excited about! To know there was no mandatory large investment, I didn't handle my own inventory, and that Beautycounter did all the hard work was attractive - all I had to do was tell people about the products and then earn a commission if they decided to follow through. 

What is your favorite thing about being a Beautycounter consultant?

Besides the discount? KIDDING (kind of)! I've really loved getting to know my team and be encouraged by them and then go and encourage my team. I was so scared that this would be a lonely business. However, it has been quite the opposite! I've been able to get to know my mentor and the mentors above me, chat about the business and life in general, turn around and encourage women on my team with their life and business. It's just a cycle of inclusion and making sure that we're all thriving.

What is your current daily skincare routine?


I wash my face with the Exfoliator Cleanser when I wake up then moisturize with Countermatch. For makeup, I love the Flawless in 5! It's a quick set that Beautycounter put together to help with your routine plus if you buy it as a set, it's more affordable than buying each product separately. I start with the Tint Skin Foundation (in "sand"), I use the Concealer Pen underneath my eyes in the lightest shade (for contour, "fair"), I use the Eyebrow Pencil to define my eyebrows (in the shade "dark"), I give a little color to my face using the Blush duo Tawny/Whisper (it's the greatest deal because the duo is a bronzer tinted blush and a regular pigmented blush so you get bronzer + blush in one!) and then finish it off with a swipe of the Volumizing Mascara and Lip Gloss (loving the color "Fig" for fall!).

charcoal bar blog.jpg

What is your #1 favorite Beautycounter product and why?

My absolute favorite pick for Beautycounter is the Charcoal Bar - I recommend it to anyone that's interested in Beautycounter! It's such an easy switch! I use it as a bar of soap in the shower on the backs of my arms and my back after I workout to avoid acne from sweat (ew, sorry). It also can be used on your face to help with acne, redness, and rosacea. It's also super affordable and lasts me forever. 

Which Beautycounter product is on your list to pick up next?

HOLIDAY GIFT SETS!!!! Guys, I'm freaking out over here about all the newness Beautycounter has to offer just in time to snag something for my friends and family (and myself). I'm talking liquid eyeliner with the Nude Eye Trio, cream highlighter with the Illuminating Trio, pigmented lipstick in the Color Intense Lip Set, incredible eyeshadow pallets like the Ultimate Nudes Eyeshadow Trio. I'm drooling, it's fine. I'm fine. This is a hard question...

Like I said, one of my favorite parts of this business is getting to know other women that are involved and invested in the mission of Beautycounter: to put safer products in the hands of everyone. So, we've paired up for a fun giveaway of your choice of a spa set (Brightening, Plumping or Balancing)! Each set comes with a mask, a face oil, and facial spray. All you have to do is enter below, for every way you get involved/follow or subscribe, your name gets put in once. For example, if you were to subscribe to my blog, someone else's and followed someone on Instagram, your name is put into the random generator 3 times! So, the more the merrier!

UPDATE: The winner is Traci Cooper!

Here are the other wonderful ladies I get the pleasure of working with! Check out their beautiful blogs + Instagrams!

Mary Scott Mercer | Blog + Instagram
Lisa Kirk | Blog + Instagram
Lauren Foster | Blog + Instagram
Amy Beth Campbell | Blog + Instagram
Terah Jones | Blog + Instagram
Catheryn Grivna | Blog + Instagram
Claire Ruskin | Blog + Instagram

Fall Favorites

There's nothing better than a spreading pumpkin butter on a warm buttery croissant for a quick "pick-me-up" snack or dessert. You can also use this on pancakes or waffles, toast or mix it into the batter to give it a pumpkin-y flavor. What's any better way to welcome in fall than enjoying an autumn flavored sweet treat?

pumpkin butter.png
pumpkin butter1.png
plum lipsheer.jpg
lip sheer.png

One of my favorite parts of fall is the warm makeup looks. Between the warm eyeshadows with creams, browns and oranges and the warm blush tones, this lip sheer is a perfect fit. I also love the fact that it has a hint of vanilla, and it's moisturizing instead of making your lips a little more chapped. Which, we all know that moisture and fall is a needed combo.

These Madewell Slippers are the best to throw on during a cozy afternoon watching movies, cooking in the kitchen on the cold hardwoods or getting ready in the morning with the chilly titled floor underneath you. It has soft sheep fur inside and a great moccasin type look to it so it's not your average, ugly slipper. Praise!

madewell slippers.jpeg
madewell slippers.png
peep toe booties.jpeg
peep toe booties.png

Peep toes are the greatest when there's a transition from warmer weather to more brisk weather. It gives your pedicure a little more time to be shown off but also adds a little flavor to your skinny or boyfriend jean outfit. This peep toe is great because of the warm texture of the suede and the fall color of forrest green. Bring on alllll the fall fashion!

Embroidered jeans are honestly fun for any season but they're coming back hard core or fall. It adds a flavor to your jeans that mixes up the outfit. If they're boyfriend jeans, you get extra points. This comfy fitting, but still chic, pant is great for errands around town, pair it with a white tee. It's also great for a night out with the girls if you add a blouse with a "front-tuck."

embroidered jeans.jpeg

With fall, you never know what to wear out of the house. In the morning it's chilly, so you may want to grab a light jacket. Towards the afternoon, it may get a little warmer and you may decide to shed the jacket. But, with a jacket, your wallet and phone, anything you may have picked up throughout the day, it can easily become a handful. That's why I trade in my summer clutch for this perfect leather backpack by Lauren Conrad

This is the perfect magazine to have on your nightstand or coffee table. It's a new favorite of mine. You can find recipes, fashion insight, stories and incredible photography inside. They're chic and minimal so you can thank them for a simple design. They have seasonal volumes and I've heard nothing but great news about this Fall's magazine.

shop this post.png
"Must Have" Beauty Products for the Working Woman

For all my gals that are out and about working - this is for you. Those eight hour days don't always have to end with takeout and Netflix, treat yourself. Your makeup doesn't have to incrementally wear off the longer the day goes, your lips don't have to be dry and cracked from reapplying lipstick for all of those meetings and your feet definitely don't have to suffer after wearing heels all day. Oh no no no.

I put together a fun package for the working woman friends I have. 

1 // Charcoal Facial Mask

When the day ends, your face needs some treatment. Think about all the dust you've walked through, all the walks down the office or to lunch or a quick coffee run, the exhaust from cars in the parking garage, you name it. Your skin needs a quick detox and your Monday's don't have to be so dreary. How about treating yourself to a weekly face mask, one that brings your face back to balance. Charcoal face masks have become the new trend but be careful! Some of them have toxins that are added to your body when you use it to "detox." This one, however, is my favorite because of it's actual cleanliness - there's no toxins in this beauty.

2 // Mattifying Powder

I love a powder that takes away my shine, but if it keeps my makeup on longer, it's a double win. This mattifying powder is great to put on after your first and second coat of lipstick to keep it on all day long. 

3 // Sheer Lipstick  - not your regular lipstick

It's not sticky, it doesn't cause your lips to crack or dry out, hallelujah. The sheer lipstick comes in the perfect colors that match all skin tones. My personal favorite for the divas on the go is "currant." The reason why sheer lipstick is better than your everyday lipstick: it's perfectly professional for the work environment while still adding a fun pop.

4 // Sugar Body Scrub

When you come home from a long day, rub out those feet with this super citrusy smelling body scrub. It's made with brown sugar to buff away dull skin while providing your skin the nourishment it needs to be healthy. Don't let those heels kill ya.

5 // Concealer Pen

A little on the go touch up isn't so bad. This beautiful gold pen is perfect for your purse and to whip out in the restroom to touch up under the eyes or any redness that's appeared throughout the day. It has a cute little "click" feature - just like a pen, click the bottom to give the brush at the top a little more concealer to work with. How fun??


All of these products are Beautycounter products which means there are absolutely no toxins or any harmful chemicals for your skin. If you love any of these products, follow the links to buy them! They're a great addition to your skincare routine and awesome replacements for the toxic products that you may currently use!

When checking out the site feel free to include me as your "Consultant" and I'd love to help you through any process or questions you have about the products. 

"Must Have" Beauty Products for the "Girl on-the-go"
1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 

I'm obsessing over these products because they're toxin-free and super super rejuvenating and healthy for your skin. Beautycounter is a line that I've been using and needed to share! I consider myself the "master of the to-do list." I guess this makes me a "girl on the go" so I listed the top 5 products for women like me, on a mission. 

If you love any of these products, follow the links to buy them! They're a great addition to your skincare routine and awesome replacements for the toxic products that you may currently use!

When checking out the site feel free to include me as your "Consultant" and I'd love to help you through any process or questions you have about the products. 

1. Brightening Facial Mist

I'm thinking that this mist was made my unicorns - it's that amazing. I use this on my busy days to prep my skin, again to set my makeup and throughout the day to keep my face look fresh and bright (hence the name, "brightening").

2. Lip Conditioner

I feel like when I travel a lot or when I'm constantly moving, running errands, and what-not, my lips start cracking and getting dry. I hate this feeling and sometimes find it a place of being a confidence drainer. Soooo, I use my lip conditioner as a pick-me-up. My favorite flavor is the peppermint flavor and it smells just like Christmas.

3. Lip Gloss

Hallelujah when we find a lip gloss that's not sticky, right?? This gloss goes on easily for a subtle shine throughout the day. My favorite color for most days is "Peony" - the perfect pink!

Also, check out a Lip Shine that gives your lip a great shine without the color (a great, natural look).

4. Beautycounter Body Wash

After a long day running errands and doing what I needed to do I feel yucky. I love to scrub off the day with this body wash by Beautycounter. I love it because I recently threw away my other well-known body wash because of its high content of toxins. I replaced it with this body wash, smelling like citrus mimosa, and am so so impressed. Yay for clean skin at the end of the day!

5. Tinted Moisturizer (with SPF 20)

Great makeup doesn't only enhance your skin's appearance, it protects it, too. This tinted moisturizer has great coverage while also being light and having SPF to protect you from that walk in the parking lot with the baking sun. 

Let's Talk Toxins

I've always been told to "check the ingredients" when grocery shopping. Normally I do, and then chose to not look and be ignorant when I want my favorite candy bar or salty snack added to the buggy. Why do we check the ingredients? Because, we don't want to put those "nasty," "unhealthy," and "harmful" chemicals in our body. Yet, when was the last time you checked the ingredients in your lotion, soap, shampoo or makeup....

...yeah, me neither.

I started to realize that the "nasty," "unhealthy" and "harmful" chemicals that we're so use to putting in our body are like ninjas and get into our system more than just through our mouth. They also creep in through our skin.

Anything you put on your body absorbs into your blood stream in 26 seconds. Oh s***! I don't know about you but I have used the same makeup, body + face wash for years. I wasn't sure what kind of "nasty," "unhealthy" and "harmful" chemicals were in these products so I started looking them up using this super helpful website and here's what I found. They rate products that we use in our everyday makeup and skincare routine on a scale 1-10. 10 containing high amounts of toxins and 1 containing low amounts. Here's what I found...

This got my attention. I'm using shampoo and conditioner that soaks into my scalp, affecting my hair growth, that has a rating of 8 on a scale 1-10 for toxins. And the face wash that I'm using that suppose to remove harsh chemicals from my face after makeup use is an 8 as well. Something's got to change. 

I researched my booty off to find face + skin products that aren't only eliminating the harmful ingredients but also giving my skin back what these terrible products had taken away. I found out that makeup ingredients and what's "legal" to put inside of these products has not been reformed since 1938! This means that companies and brands can throw in whatever ingredient they want in their product and call it "organic" if they want because makeup isn't being regulated by the FDA. What the....

On a good note, I also found a makeup brand that's mission is to put healthy makeup + skincare products in the hands of all people and educate them how to eliminate harmful toxins in their everyday routine. It's called Beautycounter. I believed in their products and the results so much after replacing my moisturizer, face wash and shampoo with theirs that I became a consultant and now am out to educate you about replacing what's killing you with what will provide you (and your family) a safe skincare routine. Beauty counter isn't the only "healthy" makeup and products out there, there's other great ones as well. I'm not asking you to dump your makeup bag in the garbage, I'm just asking you to be smart, friend. Let's care about our largest organ, our body and one another. 

Health isn't just about eating smart, it's about wearing smart, too.

If you have any questions, any recommendations on being healthy or want to chat, comment below and I'd love to grab coffee with ya!