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My Current Skincare Routine
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I like to know my skin is taken care of when I sleep - there's a peace of mind knowing you're ending your day well with your body.

Rose Water Spray

I like to spray my face and fan it dry with my hands after my face is clean to give it the vitamins it needs and to take away any redness I might have after the day.

Charcoal Bar

I like to rinse off the day in a shower and I love using my charcoal bar. Charcoal acts as a magnetic and strips away the dirt from your pores, unlike any other soap. If you don't have one of these bars, it's a must!

Cream Exfoliator

My go-to facial cleanser!! It has tiny grains to help exfoliate your face but it's gentle and soft enough to use daily.


I love this moisturizer as my everyday moisturizer. Whether you have oily skin, dry skin or combo, this is made for you. It adapts to what your skin is needing so I never feel too greasy or too dry after using this.

Ultra Moisturizer

If my skin needs extra attention in a certain area, I love using this moisturizer in lieu of the other one. Plus, it's more affordable so it's great for daily use without breaking the budget.

Eye cream

I highly suggest using an eye cream nightly! If you are 19+, it's time to start using eye cream. Not necessarily for anti-aging repair but to protect from aging. Just a little under your eyes adds the moisture your eyes need to stay glowy and bright.

Charcoal Mask

Every so often I treat myself to a charcoal mask and it is SO FUN. Not only do I enjoy the pampering but I love how I can actually see it working. After a few minutes, I can see holes in my skin (pores) becoming empty. It's easy to wash off! Love love love!

You actually may not be "cleaning" your house

Recently, I've found that there are thousands of products that sit on the shelves, of some of my favorite stores, that are toxic and poisoning our environment. Whether that's skin care products or cleaning supplies. Tons of these products have chemicals in them that get rid of bacteria, sure, but are causing harm to other parts of our body.

Our immune system is important but other systems in our body are equally as important. So, why do we compromise our overall health for anti-bacterial soap, spray or wipes? Good news is, I've found a company that cares for both our overall health and getting rid of bacteria. Grab Green is a company that sells home cleaning supplies and I've been using it in my home. These are a few of their products that I've been able to use!


I love being able to find non-toxic alternates to what I've been using so these products are a refresher for sure!  You can purchase these products on the Grab Green website and even get 25% off of your first purchase using the code FIRST25!

You all are seriously the best and I am so so thankful for each and every one of you!

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Let's Talk Toxins

I've always been told to "check the ingredients" when grocery shopping. Normally I do, and then chose to not look and be ignorant when I want my favorite candy bar or salty snack added to the buggy. Why do we check the ingredients? Because, we don't want to put those "nasty," "unhealthy," and "harmful" chemicals in our body. Yet, when was the last time you checked the ingredients in your lotion, soap, shampoo or makeup....

...yeah, me neither.

I started to realize that the "nasty," "unhealthy" and "harmful" chemicals that we're so use to putting in our body are like ninjas and get into our system more than just through our mouth. They also creep in through our skin.

Anything you put on your body absorbs into your blood stream in 26 seconds. Oh s***! I don't know about you but I have used the same makeup, body + face wash for years. I wasn't sure what kind of "nasty," "unhealthy" and "harmful" chemicals were in these products so I started looking them up using this super helpful website and here's what I found. They rate products that we use in our everyday makeup and skincare routine on a scale 1-10. 10 containing high amounts of toxins and 1 containing low amounts. Here's what I found...

This got my attention. I'm using shampoo and conditioner that soaks into my scalp, affecting my hair growth, that has a rating of 8 on a scale 1-10 for toxins. And the face wash that I'm using that suppose to remove harsh chemicals from my face after makeup use is an 8 as well. Something's got to change. 

I researched my booty off to find face + skin products that aren't only eliminating the harmful ingredients but also giving my skin back what these terrible products had taken away. I found out that makeup ingredients and what's "legal" to put inside of these products has not been reformed since 1938! This means that companies and brands can throw in whatever ingredient they want in their product and call it "organic" if they want because makeup isn't being regulated by the FDA. What the....

On a good note, I also found a makeup brand that's mission is to put healthy makeup + skincare products in the hands of all people and educate them how to eliminate harmful toxins in their everyday routine. It's called Beautycounter. I believed in their products and the results so much after replacing my moisturizer, face wash and shampoo with theirs that I became a consultant and now am out to educate you about replacing what's killing you with what will provide you (and your family) a safe skincare routine. Beauty counter isn't the only "healthy" makeup and products out there, there's other great ones as well. I'm not asking you to dump your makeup bag in the garbage, I'm just asking you to be smart, friend. Let's care about our largest organ, our body and one another. 

Health isn't just about eating smart, it's about wearing smart, too.

If you have any questions, any recommendations on being healthy or want to chat, comment below and I'd love to grab coffee with ya!

Healthy Snacks

First, I just feel the need to admit that I am absolutely not the most healthy. I love my goldfish, love my donuts and love my Ben and Jerry's. However, I've been on a kick to not get more healthy to look more healthy but to feel more healthy and man, this whole Gluten Free, Dairy Free trend is helping tremendously!

I have pretty high environmental allergies and I was recommended by my doctor to try a GF, DF lifestyle to cut down on what may be making my body react so strongly and leave some flex room when the pollen gets crazy. It's crazy to say it, but it's working.

Since I've seen a difference, I've been intrigued with food and what it does to our body. I had pasta and garlic bread after being Gluten Free for a week and broke out in a crazy rash on my chest. Hmmm. I've realized less sneezing, less itchiness, less watery eyes since I've cut out dairy as well. The reason I've felt less healthy is because of my snack choice because of our "on the go" lifestyle. So, I've done some research and investigating to make sure that this new way of eating is convenient and tasty.

These are some great snack alternatives that I've found!

Like I said, I'm no expert so pleas let me know if you have any suggestions, I'm desperate in this transition! Y'all rock!! Let's be healthy and keep each other accountable together!


For Exam Week

Exam week can be super stressful - it always was for me! But, I've found that these products and tips have come in handy the past few times that I've been in need of some care and stress relievin'.  I've linked some of my favorite items and you can shop them from here! They're all linked with Amazon prime so if you need it in a hurry, you can get 2 - day shipping! Plus, if you're a student, you get a discount on Amazon Prime that is too good to pass up!



This is your body's fuel for exam week! Don't let it go missing or binge on pizza and ice cream when you're stressed. You'll crash and burn! 

Instead, fuel it with healthy and delicious snacks that are super easy to take on the go! Add the almond butter with apples or bananas to make the perfect snack. These granola bars are super yummy and only hold organic ingredients so there's no worry that what you're putting in your system won't be contributing to that "A+." The Kevita drink is a carbonated (sparkling) type of drink that carries great supplements for your body with a sweet taste! It'll keep you healthy and keep your immune system strong despite the all-nighters you might be taking.



Playlists make all of the difference when it comes to studying. Depending on the vibe that you like to study to, I linked my favorite Spotify playlists for y'all!

Intense Soundtrack


Modern + Upbeat



annnnnd for the caffeine. It's a must, right? Gotta stay up and get to work! If you don't have a coffee pot in your room or maybe you can't necessarily take it "on the go" to the library or your study sessions, just find some hot water and this Via Instant Latte mix gets dumped and stirred in and is the yummiest drink. Not only will it keep you awake, it's a great treat for all the hard work you've been putting into this week! The Corkcicle will keep this latte (or your drink of choice) hot for 12 hours. Or, it'll keep your water cold for 24! Incredible for those long hours. Almond milk creamer is my go to when it comes to lightening up my coffee. It adds a sweet flavor without being too heavy and keeps me from getting the jitters or an upset tummy (if you're like me and don't care for dairy too much).



What you're studying with matters! This pen is my favorite! It's felt tip so it moves easily on your page and doesn't smudge! I feel like when I have the right supplies in my backpack, I always look forward to studying. This notepad set is great for making notes in your notes/textbook but also using to encourage yourself and your friends around you! And the pencils...they're my favorite. Anything Rifle Paper Company is my favorite, honestly. They're No. 2 so you don't have to worry about the lead + scantron issue and their design is pretty dope. 



It's easy to overlook personal care when it turns into finals week but these will help you stay fresh while also not losing time studying to your hygiene routine. The dry shampoo is super easy. If you wake up with more oily hair than you like, spritz a few sprays in your hair, let it sit while you brush your teeth and then massage it in and brush it out. Simple. The lavender oil is proven to be stress reliever. I carry this around all the time - not just when I have an exam to take. I dab some from my fingertips onto my temples of my noggin. It has a strong smell so you don't need much - let the stress relieving begin! The makeup wipes by Burt's Bees are my favorite. Especially the grapefruit kind. They'll take your makeup off quickly after a long night of studying before you put your head on your pillow and it'll also help wake you up in the morning with it's fresh, fruity smell. 


Obviously there's more to finals week than just these products but I find these to be extremely helpful when I have a crazy busy (and sometimes) stressful week ahead. Take care of yourself, first friends and I know you'll do just fine!

What do you use that keeps you sane during exam week (or any stressful week)? I'd love to learn some new tips from you guys!