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Jumpsuit + Chocolate Fondue
IMG_3608 2.jpeg

Tonight we ate our weight in sushi + chocolate fondue (not at the same time 😝) and I am not mad about it 🙌🏻🍫🍣
Good thing this jumper is comfy + cute for the food coma I’m about to enter. You can snag it and other cutie things for your next vacay at @fabrikhomewood! ✨🥂
What’s your fave thing to do in Seaside, Rosemary, Grayton Beach area??

True40 + the Best Leggings 💪🏼

“up and inch and down an inch” on repeat until we’re shaking and sweating has actually become tons of fun, especially when I get to do it in comfy leggings like these from @vspink! 💪🏻

Wanna try out True40?? Use the code RACHEL at the Downtown or Cahaba location!

The Felt Hat I Love 😍

One of our favorite Awtrey conversation games is Happy + Crappy. It gives a chance to talk about things we love (or didn’t love) about a trip or an experience. Communication is key, they say. 🖤

In general, here’s parts of my happy + crappy list from Spring so far 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
Happy: Motown music, oat milk lattes, grilling out, my herb garden I want to plant, cheap Amazon finds like this hat, car washes, @behindtheblisspodcastideas, safer beauty ☀️
Crappy: pollen, gluten hives (iykyk)

What would you say are your happies + crappies? Would love to hear them! 😂💕

My In-N-Out Order + Outfit

The inaugural “we made it to California” trip to In-N-Out 🍔 🍟 
After a long flight and a late night, we’re on our drive to the ranch! Can’t wait to settle in, take a few deep breaths and make this place home again. California, we’re back and so glad to see you ☀️
P.S. this sweater is the best to have to thrown on in airports + while traveling or just for fun 🙌🏻 linking it in my bio + stories. Plus, it’s on sale 🎉

What I get: a protein style burger (aka lettuce burger), fries and a coke. Try the neopolitan shake!