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⭐️ My go-to necklace stack! ⭐️

I get asked about this stack often, it’s one of my favorites. Each piece is either fun or super special to me.

  1. The top is from Madewell, one of my faves! Has lasted forever, hasn’t tarnished and it’s adjustable for whatever length you want!

  2. The middle is a sweet piece my mom got for me on my dad’s birthday with his birthdate engraved on it. Here’s a similar one I found that you can get custom made!

  3. The last piece that hangs the lowest is a pendant Thomas got me when we started dating. He said, and I quote, “this will be one of the first diamonds I give you.” NERVE OR SWAG?? I’m not sure!

Style Tip: Styling a Body Suit

STYLE TIP: do you add camis to your outfit if your top is sheer or if you’re layering? Try replacing it with a bodysuit! 🤯
1. It stays tucked in
2. No worries about the straps falling down
3. It’s more discrete than a cami bunching up underneath 🙌🏻

I’m linking a few of my favorite bodysuits that I love, are comfortable and affordable here (along with the rest of this outfit)
Are you team bodysuit?! If so, anyone else know the restroom struggle? 😂🙈

Old Navy Sale!

It’s true! It’s true! If you know anything about me, you know that I love a good sale and I love sharing it with friends! So, here you go! Old Navy is hosting their Friends and Family sale but quick! It ends Sunday, November 4 at the end of the day! If you missed it, no biggie! These picks are still some of my favorite fall staples! Joggers, sweaters, color blocked shirts, all of the goodies for the Holidays coming up!

Beach Picks


I always tell my friends to pick out sunglasses that are super fun, block the sun and aren't expensive. The worst is when you get to the beach and the sand scratches the lens. So, I buy a few cheaper pair for the summertime - that way I'm not heartbroken if anything happens to them.

Straw Beach Tote

Somethin' cute to throw your stuff in. It's easy to carry around, big enough to put things in but not too big that you feel like you're lugging it around.

Bohemian Cover-Up

Not all coverups have to be t-shirts and jean shorts. I mean really, jean shorts + sand + wet bathing suit is not my favorite combo. That's why I choose a flowy dress/type coverup for the beach.

Birkenstock Sandals

Sandals are also tricky. They need to be easy to wash up, preferably cute but also comfy in case you wanted to take a walk to the pier or go on a bike ride to lunch.

Classy One Piece

Two pieces are so fun but I'm thankful that one-pieces are back in! Especially at the beach: it doesn't give the ocean any opportunity to take away any pieces (hehe). This one combines a little bit of fun and a lot of class. I love this color - super flattering on any skin tone or body shape.


DON'T FORGET YOUR SUNSCREEN! Here's the deal: not all sunscreens are actually helping your skin. In fact, most have chemicals in them that are actually doing more hurt than good to your skin. I've found a sunscreen that I love and think is so super safe for the beach + whatever your day looks like. It comes in a lotion and sprays!!

Baby Wipes

If you've been around this tribe for a while, you'll know why I love these so much.
1. They smell so good
2. They can be used for any circumstance: to remove that little bit of mascara from under your eyes after swimming, refresh your pits, wipe off the sand + sweat, add a little bit of moisture back to your legs after getting some sun
3. They don't leave a stickiness to your skin, your skin is left so so soft!

Must have! Unfortunately, these aren't available online (only available at some Target on the baby isles with other wipes + diapers).

The White Shorts to Complete Your Summer Outfit
Anniversary (11 of 19).jpg

Taking this weekend to get ahead and prepare for this BIG WEEK ahead of me! So so so stoked to finally share (on Tuesday) a secret that my friend @maryscottmercer and I have been keeping for a looooong time (any guesses?).

If you want to be in on the secret, we’ll be sending out an email to our insiders + subscribers on Monday. 💌 So for a little bit of “inside info” head over to the link in my profile to sign up for the news using the “become an insider” button 🙌🏻🎉

P.S. these shorts are my new favorite summer staple, so comfy, so easy to style, so inexpensive! Check em out in my stories! 💕☀️

Easter Dresses Begging for Compliments

Easter dresses are so much fun - it's an opportunity for you to wear a fun color, get a little fancy and pair it with your favorite heels.  The fun part is that, if you pick the right dress, you can wear it to other Spring events: brunches, weddings, baby showers, etc.

These are my picks for dresses that can be worn again after Easter, the colors are this Spring's best colors and they're all church appropriate! 🙌🏼


Where's your favorite place to find Easter dresses??

My Favorite Sassy Shoes

Walking into the weekend like... 🙌🏻
Can’t wait to bundle up and watch some movies with Thomas, try out some new recipes and go on an ice cream date with Remi somewhere in there. 🐶 🍦
How are you celebrating the weekend??
P.S. these sassy shoes are in the link in my profile and they’re 50% off 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Colorful Breakfast for Slow + Rushed Mornings

Early mornings are my thing. I love a good morning where you have time to wake up, eat what you want, prep yourself for the day before the chaos starts. This breakfast is for those type of mornings (plus, it's very colorful and great for energy + power).

What's plated?


"Leftover Scramble"
2 Eggs
Baked Chicken
Goat Cheese
Sriracha Sauce

Orange Juice



Sophisticated + Comfy Getup

You know those times that you know you're suppose to dress up but dang you just wanna stay in your pjs because their comfy? This is me probably every Monday-Friday. I think I've found a solution though!

I put on my favorite fitting black jeans, my comfy Adidas tennis shoes, a great flow crop tee and to add a little classy and traditional style, my car coat from JCrew. It's the greatest combination that makes it look like you have it together when really in the inside you're just craving your cozy socks, blanket and some Netflix. 

Let's be honest, we got stuff to do, people to see but it doesn't mean we can't be comfy while we run the world, right?


Jumpsuit and kicks

A little athletic fun, eh?

I found this super soft and comfy jumpsuit on sale at Anthro and snagged it so fast. It ties around the waste so it gives some form to the fit. It buttons around the chest so it's extremely comfy for all occasions. I added, again, my Adidas tennis shoes with them because they're the perfect thing to casual-ize any choice of outfit without loosing the style. Pair it with your fave choker, demin jacket or any other combo to add a little bit more if you're not going for the simple look like this one. 


black + white and turtlenecks are back.

Who said turtle necks were out of style, or only for book club members? Turtle necks are my favorite way to get cozy in cold weather. This one is a short sleeve number that's a great "medium" for weather that's chilly in the morning and warms up through the afternoon. It's parked with my favorite pair of black jeans (what's new?) and my comfy Adidas shoes. To add a little bit of color to this black and white outfit, I throw on my pink mirrored retro sunnies from Ray Ban.

Turtleneck short sleeve shirts, long sleeves or even sleeveless will always be some of my faves. 


Seeking the Better Things

A few days ago, I got to romp around one of my favorite towns with a group of gals full of laughter and vision. We chased the light in our cars from one beautiful backroad, covered in falling leaves, multiple colors of change and farmhouses to historic homes in the heart of Clemson. 

Both of these places were treasurers, and extremely hidden. In my four years at Clemson I never once came across the dead end road we ended up dancing and twirling and giggling on. I never had explored to the back of the Fort Hill Mansion to roll around in the grass, jump on friends backs and enjoy a sunset. 

It's silly how quickly these past four years in college has passed. I try to remember this as I move forward onto bigger (and better) seasons in life. I seek to find the hidden beauty in the place I'm in and called to in the midst of crazy schedules, routines and habits. 

I'm thankful for this evening pointing out the beauty in the places that I've walked or driven by quite too frequently. 

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