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My Favorite Coffee Recipe

It’s easy, super delicious and clean! Just brew your normal coffee, add a tablespoon of honey (or an amount to your sweetness liking) and a dash of cinnamon. Froth your choice of milk (I love oat milk) in a frother like mine or with a hand frother! Add the milk to your coffee and voila! It’s an at home latte that’s gives Starbucks a run for their money!

The Most Instagrammable Places in Portland
Portland (8 of 8).jpg

A few weeks ago, I got to visit Portland, OR and man! I had a blast!
It was the funkiest and quirkiest little place but I'll never forget how much fun we had and all of the new food, the new ice cream flavors and sights I got to see. I highly recommend Portland if you find yourself in the Pacific Northwest.

We ate our way around, had about 6 meals a day, but now I know my favorites and I can't wait to share them with you!

S H O P   T H I S   P O S T

Coffee + tea

Tea Bar
The sweetest and most simple coffee shop around town, Tea Bar, serves only tea. If you're in the mood for a sweet pick me up without the espresso, this is your spot.


Other coffee + tea to try:
Good Coffee
Upper Left Roasters




¿Por Que No?
Craving Mexican? Look no further! ¿Por Que No? serves the greatest taco combinations, burrito bowls and the most delicious margaritas (in a small and big pint size), add fruit juice to your margarita and you're set (I added mango, yum!). It's the fun, walk in to a tiny restaurant, pray there's seating inside or outside, grab your number and they bring it to you type of restaurant.

Other restaurants to try:
Altabira City Tavern
The Daily Feast
Tusk - really cute and clean looking, modern with a feminine flare, good for pics



Blue Star Donuts
You can find this donut shop at 6 different locations around Portland. You can check out all of the different flavors here. 
My favorites? Lemon poppy, the OG, and Blueberry Bourbon Basil. *Drooling*

Salt and Straw
Must, must, must visit! This sweet treat destination has the most interesting flavors of ice cream! Lavender vanilla, olive oil (actually so scrumptious), Black Olive Brittle & Goat Cheese, Double Fold Vanilla, Roasted Strawberry Coconut and more! Don't be frightened to ask for multiple flavor samples. If you didn't try at least 8, you didn't do it right.
Pro tip: you can combine flavors, too!

Pips Original Donuts
With 3 different locations all around Portland, you can't miss it! Pip's serves smaller sugared donuts with fresh brewed coffee. Get there early, there can be a longer line but if you catch it at a busy time, no sweat, they move quickly!




Proud Mary
This Australian cuisine is one that takes American food and gives it a small twist. They're fried egg sandwich makes the perfect brunch with a cup of Australian coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice, you're all set for a different type of brunch, a West Coast brunch.


To Do

Multnomah Falls (40 minutes away)
This short little trip from the heart of Portland will fulfill all of your adventurous desires. It's only a 5 minute walk/hike from the parking lot right off of the highway. The breathtaking view can't be missed if you find yourself in Portland. You can make it as quick or as long as a trip as you'd like. If it's chilly, make sure to grab a cup of coffee or a treat from their information center - it's easy to make this stop a cozy one.

St. Johns Bridge - Nike bikes
If you're desiring to get your heart racing a bit or just want to take a load off of your feet, grab a Nike bike from one of the many bicycle stations around Portland. Using the Biketown app, you can "check in" and "check out" a bike at any destination you please. You don't even have to return it to the same station you picked it up from - brilliant!



Powell’s City of Books
If you've thought/heard of Portland you've probably heard of Powell's. It's the largest bookstore with plenty of levels and groups of literature. Wanting to know more about a specific subject? There's a corner for you at Powell's. From best-selling, antiques, non-fiction to coffee table books, they have it all!

Made Here PDX (tons of Portland stuff)
If you want a trinket to take home while supporting local Portland businesses, you'll love Made Here PDX. Leather, perfume, blankets, shirt, coffee mugs and more, it's not your average gift shop!

Solabee Flower Shop
The most beautiful nursery I've ever stepped foot in. The colors and greenery will leave you speechless with it's Parisian vibes and eclectic pot holders. You can find just about anything for your home here. Or, just stop and stare at the beautiful tiled floor, glance at the multitude of plant species, or just take a picture. Worth it!


Portland was the cutest, spunkiest, quirkiest (without being weird) town I've every enjoyed!  A "must-go" if you find yourself in the Pacific North West.

Where's your favorite place to visit in the PNW?




Colorful Breakfast for Slow + Rushed Mornings

Early mornings are my thing. I love a good morning where you have time to wake up, eat what you want, prep yourself for the day before the chaos starts. This breakfast is for those type of mornings (plus, it's very colorful and great for energy + power).

What's plated?


"Leftover Scramble"
2 Eggs
Baked Chicken
Goat Cheese
Sriracha Sauce

Orange Juice



Calling All Things Cozy

Birmingham, Alabama has officially welcomed Fall! Hallelujah for these 50° mornings.
If you know me you know I'm all about warm coffee with frothed creamer, watching the Today Show or Shark Tank, Reading the Magnolia Journal while cozied up in my fleece blanket, sweatpants, and fave slippers. Thank goodness but that's what this Thursday is all about. I don't know about you but this week has gone by in slow-motion, I swear. So, today, I'm treatin' myself!

I'm getting coffee with a friend at 4 but other than that, I'll be on calls and emails in my jammies and finishing the coffee pot all by myself!

What keeps you cozy?

A French kind of morning.

This morning I was fortunate enough to not have a class. My first class on Tuesday/Thursdays aren't until the afternoon which means my favorite: slow mornings. 


We slept in and woke up slowly, headed to the kitchen and turned on the griddle. I was so excited to be able to use my Kitchen Aid mixer once again (it's becoming a staple). I whipped up a crepe batter and Thomas chopped some fresh strawberries we bought at the grocery store yesterday in preparation for this slow morning. 

He poured the coffee grinds and started the coffee while I poured the batter onto the skillet and started breakfast. 

Our slow morning isn't complete without some kind of music. I have put together some of my favorite french, jazzy favorites into a "slow morning" playlist on my Spotify account. Takes me straight to the heart of the french countryside. 

I love crepes over pancakes because 1. They're easier to flip 2. They're tastier and 3. I almost feel like because they're thinner, they're healthier? 

We love to add Nutella and our favorite fruits or jams for a perfect morning dessert. Crepes + coffee + some fresh orange juice, you're set. 


I found the perfect crepe recipe that turned into the crispy but soft, floppy browned and sweet crepes. It's an easy recipe because all you do is whip all ingredients together and pour on a griddle or skillet. 

2 eggs
1 cup of flour
1 cup of milk
1/4 tsp of salt
2 tbsp of sugar
1 tsp of vanilla extract 
1 tbsp of butter
and oil for frying 

Make sure the griddle is basically searing so that you only spend about 1-2 minutes on each side of the crepe before flipping.

Seriously, so simple. They're even better if you eat them in bed or on a couch. Comfy food is meant for a comfy experience.