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Anything you see in my posts or stories I try and link here so you can find them easily (even after the stories go away!). If you see something missing that you want information about, let me know here!


Honeybook -  a "must" for all creatives


I use Honeybook for keeping all of my projects in line that I have going on at once. You can send invoices, receive payments, give and sign contracts, send pricing guides and even get inquiries all through your Honeybook account. If you're a creative, you need this - it keeps all of your information in one place.

You can try it out for free and if you like it, you can even get 50% with my code!

Seriously, the best Christmas Lights 


This past weekend, my brother and Thomas and I went to Christmas lights at the Birmingham Race Course and it was seriously the best lights we've ever seen. They were all synchronized to the music on the radio and it lasted more than 30 minutes. It's $25 to get in but so so worth it!

It's officially called, "Shadrach's Christmas Wonderland"

Loft 50% Sale! + Velvet Blazer 


So Loft is having a 50% sale right now and I found a blazer that's velvet and under $55 now! HELLO.

The Greatest Christmas Album


I came across this Christmas album on a radio that I was listening to and love it! It has classics with a fun worship twist and new songs you've never heard before.

Madewell Sweater 


The coziest sweater that I wear as a house robe, out running errands, to meetings and can dresss up for date night! HALLAAA

Charlotte Gambill Sermon


Charlotte Gambill spoke at one of Church of the Highland's First Wednesdays and it seriously changed my life and my perspective of my circumstances. I think everyone needs to listen to it.

The Worship Song I love

I'm loving this worship song! I put up a recording of it on my Instagram story and apparently y'all do, too! Also, know that every song that I put on my Instagram story, I add to a playlist on Spotify called "Instagram Playlist" so you can find all of the songs there, too!

Remi's New Dog Collar

Remi got a new dog collar because we couldn't stand the little jingle around the house. This collar plate is mounted onto the collar, so no more noise! The other part that sold us on this collar was the fact that it's made with "tough-flex" which is a leather like material, yet plastic. It won't start stinking, won't stay wet and doesn't rub your little pup's neck.

Cute Rain + Snow Boots


So, it snowed here in Birmingham and it was very, very unexpected. Good thing I had my Cougar boots in Kensington Dove. They were super comfortable, came in handy for the occasion and they're super cute.

Elf Dish Towel

My mom was so sweet to fill up the guest gift basket that I left for her and Todd. SO SWEET!

She left behind some of my favorite hand soap, peppermint hot cocoa from Trader Joes, some other fun things and this super cute Elf Dish Towel. Unfortunately, it's sold out but I linked it on Zulily incase it became available later! 

Saturday Birmingham Brunch


We took my mom and Todd to brunch at Roots and Revelry in Birmingham, AL. It was fabulous! I got the Chicaleques. It was super good and had quite a kick.

True40 Workout Class


I work out at True40 in Birmingham. They have locations in Auburn and Tuscaloosa as well. I love it!! It's a mixture of barre, pilates and yoga. We use TRX straps, too so you get a full body workout every class + they're doing some fun Holiday specials so call them if you're slightly interested! Or, message me and I can answer any questions for ya or maybe take you to a class! I love a workout buddy!

GrabGreen Products

GrabGreen products are great because they're clean + easy to use in the house!

I have the Room & Fabric Freshener
the All Purpose Cleaner.

Diffuser + Oils


We diffuse oils to get rid of anything that's lingering in our air (like bacteria, allergens, etc.) I've always used them on my skin but never thought about the other practical uses for essential oils.

I bought this diffuser in desperation from Bed Bath and Beyond (using a 20% off coupon, if you recieve their emails) and it was cheeeeap. Totally worth it and it's not too shabby. If you're an "oil beginner" this is a great diffuser to get you started. It diffuses for 3 hours, is easy to use and isn't noisy. 

Clean Makeup Wipes


I found out, using a app called EWG, that Neutrogena Face Wipes are very toxic + bad for our skin. I was using them frequently to spot "clean up" my face after washing my face with a cleanser. I found these wipes, they're technically baby wipes in the Target baby section and they work GREAT. They're also clean and smell like coconut! I find them more efficient than "makeup wipes." WOOHOO

KitchenAid Mixer Hacks

If you didn't know, you can actually shred chicken in your KitchenAid mixer - it's not just for baking people! It was one of the gifts I felt really weird for asking for during my engagement season. I added it to our registry. I was so shocked and grateful that we were gifted one because I use it almost every night for baking, mixing or shredding while I'm doing something else in the kitchen. It's fab!

Frozen Garlic Cubes

You can find these garlic cubes Trader Joes (for sure) but I'm sure you can find them in other grocery stores as well.

One cube = one clove

It's great for cooking so you don't smell super garlic-y or have to get messy by mincing all of your garlic for one recipe. 🙌🏾 

Spaghetti Squash Boat


Slice spaghetti squash in half. Preheat oven at 400 degrees. Drizzle olive oil on top of spaghetti squash, add a dash or salt and pepper. Put them on a baking sheet face down. Bake for 45 minutes. While baking, brown ground turkey in a skillet and heat marinara in a pot. Once ground turkey is finished, add to marinara. Take out spaghetti squash, scoop out seeds and strings to make a "boat." Add spaghetti sauce and serve!

Christmas China is a hand-me-down from my family. Natural chargers are from Bed Bath and Beyond. 

Madewell Au Revoir Shirt