Rachel Awtrey



let me help you

We can't do this whole thing alone. Whether it's chasing a dream, getting out of the writer's block, figuring out our next move, you get the idea. I like to think that helping people is a skill of mine. Whether you just need an encouraging word, direction or a new brand, I'd love to be your girl. Check out a few ways that I'd love to help you below.

If any of the below are peaking your interest, please fill out a quick questionnaire at the bottom of this page.


Consultation Call

You'll be sent a short questionnaire for Rachel to get an idea of where you are in your calling: starting out, in the middle, stuck or expanding quickly. She'll walk you through some "next steps" to make things more efficient and ready for growth. She'll share insight, encouragement and a few secrets that help her in her business while answering any questions that you have.


Web Design

Starting from the bottom? It's okay! I'll be more than happy to take your brand and create you a custom website and code to perfection.

Already have a website and need a little bit of a re-vamp? Confused on how to work what was handed over to you? Need some electronic organizing? I'm here for ya!

Brand Discovery.jpg

Brand Design + Discovery

You know what you need to do, you just want to do it well and consistently. I'll help streamline all of your collateral marketing material with colors, a typography, and some inspiration picked specifically for you. People will recognize your work from afar becuase of the logo + brand that we worked so hard to create.

Brand Photography.jpg

Brand Photography

Jump on the other side of the camera to get the pictures for your website, welcome package, pricing guide, media kit or other services you need to make your face a part of your brand.


Media Kit Construction

If you are a blogger or creative that is wanting a media package to send to collaborators or potential partners, this is for you! Hand over your information and I'll make it beautiful for that first impression.