Squarespace Bundle

for the DIY-ers. All the "How-To"s and "Why-Do"s when creating a website piece by piece. 

So, if you're like me, you're a DIY'er. If I'm right then you thrive on watching YouTube videos and tutorials until you figure out how to do something on your own. Knitting, cooking, calligraphy, I've tried it all and you probably have too. 

This is for you. You're thinking, "gosh, I can create a website, I just need a little direction" so I created the Squarespace bundle for your entrepre-doers like you.

Included is a crazy amount of information from the anatomy of Squarespace, learning how to track your analytics, add fun stuff to each page, starting a blog, adding a gallery, you name it. It has lots of short videos so you can click on the one that you are craving to learn most. 

These videos included in the Squarespace bundle aren't just for "how-to" they're "why-dos" I'm walking you through how to accomplish something but also telling you why you should or shouldn't do something and what will/won't attract readers and/or clients. With me? Let's start this thing. 

Squarespace Bundle
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