I'm the girl that shares too much.

I am an online encourager based out of Birmingham, AL that's obsessed with my girls and sharing bits and pieces of my life. I wear a lot of hats these days including mama to two boys, military wife, blogger, podcast host and more. You can find me behind the microphone at Real Talk with Rach where we talk about everything from jeans to Jesus, playlists to pop culture, the good and the grief and everything in between. 

inviting you into my mess is my favorite

and that's not a bad thing!

Up with the babes, diaper changes becuase...yeah. Coffee, lots of coffee, "Google, play Maverick City Worship," hair in a claw clip and skincare (Beautycounter, duh!) 

my morning routine

Hmm, depends! I love a classic caramel latte but also love a dirty chai (chai tea latte with a shot of espresso) 

my coffee order:

New Girl (classic), The Today Show, Jack Ryan, Friday Night Lights, KUWTK (duh)

favorite shows

Shooting ya straight, always getting the guac and queso, audiobooks count as "reading", and always saying the nice thing outloud.

I believe in

Fun fact: Thomas and I would date for two years, break up for two years and then re-date for two more years until we'd get engaged and married 8 months later. Life's crazy, sis.

In between our "break up" season, I experienced deep grief when my dad suddenly passed away in a rock climbing accident. I mourned in the most unhealthy ways and I barely recognize that girl today (Praise God). Jesus interrupted my life, captured my heart and I full surrendered in my college dorm my freshman year. Life changed, 360 difference actually, and it totally threw people off.

Today, I'm able to fully surrender because of that moment and several moments to follow that after.

God used my grief, repentant heart and community around me to bring me to a life that is full of joy, abundant and worth living. I'm so grateful for that.

Let me start by saying Columbia, South Carolina has a piece of my heart. It's where I grew up, it's what I call my "hometown" and I love going back to visit my family there. It's also where I met my high school sweet heart in the Christ Church youth group. Who knew that cutie guitar playing baseball guy would become my husband and life partner years later? About that story....


(too long didn't read)

+ married to my best friend and hunk of a husband
+ have two sweet little boys (Maddex and Oliver).
+ I'm a military wife (Air Force) and my husband serves our country as a pilot
+ he also flies us around in our little plane, it's actually so cool
+ I host a podcast where I share these crazy stories and more!




my worship playlist

listening TO:

chips and queso


"Raising Emotionally Strong Boys"


my coffee order above!


New Girl + Friends





night owl

no TOPSheet






early bird



ice cream


Where I stand on the super important stuff... Agree / disagree? 

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For the mama that isn't quite sure where to start, needs a little input or for those who just need a list!

I've been where you are: a tad bit overwhelmed with all of the baby things! Like, how do you keep up?! I kept getting ads for all types of baby products and just added all of them to my registry with no real plan. So, now that I'm one year into motherhood, let me chime in and help ya!

My Baby Registry Guide

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