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Rachel Awtrey is a trailblazing influencer and podcaster who defies conventional norms by inviting her audience to peek behind the curtain of her life. With an unwavering commitment to transparency, Rachel shares her personal journey, triumphs, and challenges, breaking down barriers and inspiring others to embrace their own authentic selves. Through her empowering content, she provides a unique blend of encouragement and practical tips, empowering her followers to navigate life's obstacles with resilience and grace.

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Finding Joy Where You Are

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"Rachel not only spoke so eloquently and kept our audience engaged, laughing, reflective, and inspired...

... - but she went above and beyond and saw each girl there. Through her leading on stage and a breakout session, she shared her life but also saw each young woman and what they were going through. I can't say enough amazing things about Rachel's impact at our retreat and know any group would feel the same if they hired her to speak."

— Grace Valentine | The Purpose Retreat

"Rachel’s way with words is second to none.

Her testimony spoke immensely to the hearts of girls ages 8-18. She has an undeniable gift from God to be able to put our feelings into words. I’m grateful for the example she is for me and others!"

— Nikki Chastain | The Centre Co. Dance Conference 

“The brand growth we saw after consulting with Nora was truly insane.”

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— Monique, Founder, momswhobike.com


My specialty when it comes to speaking is as follows, and you can expect a standard of excellence, inspiration, and cooperation.

Q. Do you only do "faith based" messages?

I do! I will say, it's difficult to do a "motivational" message without sharing my faith but I also believe that these messages of inspiration are for anyone, regardless of their journey in their faith. I have spoken with sororities, business summits and more without the faith aspect and it worked perfectly.

Q. Do you travel?

Yes! Love to travel! Meet you there!

Based on my availability, I would love to further explore these needs/options with you. I have spoken, sat on panels, prayed in private and set up a meet and greet/merchandise table at events. These possibilities are based on availability, logistics and travel. 

Q. Are you available for meet and greets, etc. beyond speaking?

Q. Do you consider virtual events as well as in-person?

Yes! Thank you, technology!


Let's make this happen!

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