Rachel Awtrey


frequently asked questions

On my Instagram, I asked y'all if you had any questions - I wanted to open up the floor for transparency, vulnerability and dang! Y'all came through. I got a quite a few questions, a lot of them were similar questions. So, I separated the questions into different categories, dwindled down the questions that were similar into a broad question and then answered them as detailed as I could think! If you still have any questions, comment them below and I'll respond back to ya!


What did you go to school for?

I went to Clemson University (go tigers!) and graduated with a  degree in Communication Studies. I wouldn't say that I learned everything I'm using now in the classroom (don't tell my mom) but much of what I do daily was self-taught. The degree, with blogging, isn't important. You need business background, accounting background, english background, graphic design background, marketing background. So, you can't go wrong. 

So like, are you a blogger, photographer, designer?

I love to write and take pictures and love having an eye for style and design so I jumbled them all into one and called it a blog. I take pictures for clients if needed, I do design websites and content and I enjoy writing. If you're interested in any of these, check out my services

Do you design websites, too?

Sure do! Check out my Services page for my portfolio and some more info.



How much time do you spend a day either shooting for your blog or writing or preparing? Do you think it's possible to have a successful blog as more of a part-time thing (for example if you're still in school)?


Do you use a content calendar? If so, how do you create it/how far out do you schedule your posts/do you use a certain system on what type of posts you choose to create?


Can you give a brief overview of Google Analytics and keeping track of your website's stats?


What inspired you to start a blog and how did you decide what you wanted to blog about?



I use a Canon 6D with a 50mm lens normally. I play around with other camera bodies and lenses but I'm loyal to my 6D and nifty fifty, totally.

What camera do you use for videos?


What are your go to lens? Best all around or just your favorite if you have more than one.


Do you use an external flash?


Any tips on manual mode and natural lighting?


Who takes your pictures?

My pictures are a mix between really fantastic photographers (Jessi Nichols, Sophie Brendle, Mary Grace Baker + more) and my husband, Thomas. And honestly, sometimes it's all about the self-timer. Usually, the pictures that were "professionally" taken have credit to that specific photographer. 



How do you edit your photos to create a consistent look and brand?


What are you thoughts on editing necessities?


What software do you use for editing? 

For shoots, I use Lightroom and a variety of presets in that software (by Adobe). However, if I'm "on-the-go" or posting quickly, I'm not gonna log into that software and jump on my computer every time. For these instances, I use VSCO cam and normally stick to the A6 or S2 preset.