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The Best Dog Bowl Invention!

We have loved this dog bowl for Remi!

  1. It’s not a sore sight, it’s not the cutest but it works in most spaces

  2. It doubles as storage and keeps his food beneath the bowls

  3. It has two different heights! So, it can be elevated for larger dogs and brought lower for small dogs.

  4. It has a water compartment that allows automatic refills by a water bottle so you don’t have to continue to refill this water bowl for your pup.

Just wanted to share how amazing of a product this has been for our family and pup!

Hi! I'm Rachel! 🖤

Consider this a “hey, wassup, hello” for my old + new friends around here. 👋🏼 Here’s my thing: I hope you leave this 30 second pause in your scroll feeling more loved, empowered and ready to do things that matter. 🖤

A little about me: I repeat my outfits on the daily and I ball on a budget (🙃). My favorite playlist is a mix of T-Pain and Hillsong and I add “Migos noises” to worship songs (see story for proof). 🎶 Doing a laundry takes 2-5 business days to complete for me and my husband, Thomas is super patient with me and I’m thankful for that. 🧦

My husband is a pilot and is in the Air National Guard, ✈️ and my dog, Remi, is our fur baby and keeps us laughing (he’s borderline human, y’all). Also, he literally looks like the dog emoji. 🐶

I like to host conversations about things that matter, important truths we should never forget and help share some shortcuts on things in life so you can focus on the things that truly matter. Sometimes I do this behind a mic and share these convos on my podcast @behindtheblisspodcast. 🎙 Other times, it’s convo over coffee with a friend, on a walk in our neighborhood, over the phone or here on Instagram stories. ☕️ 💕

Life is to be shared, stories are to be told, dreams are to be pursued and truth is to be remembered. That’s what I’m about.

I’m so glad you’re here 💕
Tell me about you!

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Sweet + Bitter Changes with Behind the Bliss Podcast

I’m way proud of this friend, today and everyday, but especially today. To pause, reflect knowing that you may be called to redirect is counter cultural. Instead, it’s easy to be drunk on motivation, eyes on the “prize,” head down and too focused on our ideas that we often forget about His desires for us.
My dear gal, @maryscottmercer walked this practice out gracefully over the past few months as she’s decided to step away from @behindtheblisspodcast as co-host and today is our last show together 🖤
I’m feeling championed and commissioned by my sweet friend to continue the calling of BTB for our listeners and this community. I’m weepy but oh so grateful for the fingerprints she had on this platform. Cheering you on, Scotty!

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Let's Talk Concealer

I’ve been using Tarte’s “Creaseless” concealer for a few months now hoping that I would adapt to it or it would change based on how I used it but I’ve been left unimpressed. For the sake of transparency, I wanted to share that, although I love sharing my favorite products, this is not one of them. It left creases, settled into my fine lines and I had to touch it up pretty often throughout the day.

However, I swapped over to the Beautycounter concealer and was pleased, and surprised, that it stood the test! Here’s a pro tip: order a shade lighter than you think you’d like so you can use it to brighten your under-eyes and easily blend into blemishes!

Feature in Shelby County Living ☀️

Im escaping the heat by listening to my fall playlist (added it in my stories) and pretending it’s cooler outside than 106° 😅 is it super hot where you are right now or am I just melting by myself?! 🔥 ☀️ the longest walk you’ll find me on these days is to the mailbox and today this sweet magazine was inside 😍 if you look closely, you can see my coverboy of a husband modeling with me on @shelbylivingmagazine. Hehe, thanks for not being so shy and doing fun things with me, @thomasawtrey. 🍯 💕

Lessons Learned while Flying

Flying with Thomas has taught me a lot.
It’s taught me that there are 2 perspectives: from the ground + from the sky.
When we choose the ground perspective, often times that means we can only see what’s on our level and it’s easy to only have an understanding of what is riiiiight in front of us.
When we choose the sky perspective, we can see everything in the area, we have a scope for size and how big of a deal things actually are and how they’re all relative to one another.
I try and choose the “sky perceptive” when I can think about it, not be so bundled up on what’s “on my level” and not dwell on the things right in front of me, but have an understanding of the bigger picture, knowing it’s bigger than me and how everything is intertwined along the way.

“Don’t shuffle along, eyes to the ground, absorbed with the things right in front of you. Look up, and be alert to what is going on around Christ—that’s where the action is. See things from his perspective.”
(Colossians 3:2 MSG)

Choose the sky, my friends. ✈️🖤

Dreamin' Big + Update

shoes || jeans || hat

I’ve learned something recently: dream big.
(Ew, vom, so cliche, I know).
BUUUUT dream big, take steps of obedience in the right direction and allow God to show up in the “in between.” Here’s the thing: if you dream big and desire something bigger than yourself, it’s hard to not give God credit when it gets accomplished and it’s something you couldn’t have done on your own.
He shows up, people ask “how,” you answer “Him.” 🖤
Speaking of dreaming big, we got to fly ✈️ today to Nashville to check out a fun space for a fuuuuun thang. Any guesses? 😜
Noooow the weather is pretty bad 🌧 so we’re stuck here overnight. Not tooo shabby, though! 😉

July Fabletics that I'm Loving 😍🙌🏻

Work from home uniform: T-shirt, sports bra (sometimes), bun, blue light glasses and leggings. You know what they say, dress for success 🙃😂
Buuuuut when I can find an *actual* outfit that’s comfy and I don’t feel awk when UPS 📦 rings my doorbell and I look boho (not in the chic way), I’m a happy gal!! 😍🙌🏻
That’s whyyyyy I love @fabletics and these joggers and their leggings! 💃🏼

Here’s a treat:
You can snag 2 leggings for $24 with the link in my bio so you can see what I’m talking about! 🎉
QUESTION: Whats your go to “at home” outfit??

A Modern Fertility Test You Need
ModernFertility (10 of 11).jpg

Hey ladies, let’s have a little chat. Hang on here because this is an important one.
I’ve been learning a lot about my body, how it works and how dang proud we should be for what our bodies do every month 💪🏻

BUT, if we’re honest, there’s not a lot of conversation around fertility, what our body is *actually* capable of, where we’re at health wise and what our hormones are up to.

Idk about you, but I have not being “ in the know” especially when the future of our family may depend on it.

I discovered @modernfertility and their easy at-home test and realized that the answers may not be as hard to get as it seems. With an easy at-home blood test, I was able to send in my sample and get back results super quickly.

Fertility and hormone testing is not covered by federal insurance which means it’s near $1500 to get similar answers as what’s inside this box.

Instead of going to a specialist, having blood work done multiple times and getting pricked and poked, it was easy, affordable and now I have the knowledge, data and numbers to bring to my doctor next time I need to chat about my lady life + hormones.

I wanna hook my sisters up with the same feeling of freedom + info so use this link for $20 off your own test!

Owning Your Everyday

It’s a rare occasion that we actually get to meet guests that we hosted on Behind the Bliss Podcast because conversations often happen virtually. However, Jordan Dooley, guest from Episode 53 visited Birmingham for a book signing so I went out to meet her! Her book “Own Your Everyday” is a great one, makes a great gift, and should be read in any season!

Necklet (20 of 22).JPG

If you’ve ever seen me on my instagram stories, I can’t stop talking about this genius invention! It’s a tool to help stack your favorite necklaces! I like to wear three necklaces at a time, but it is a hassle to put them all on and take them all off every time. But with my Necklet, I can easily add my necklaces, and just have to snap it on and off whenever I’m ready to wear it. It acts as one necklace with an easy magnetic clasp to hold it all together! I seriously use this gadget all the time, and it has changed the jewelry-wearing game! You definitely do not want to miss out on this one; head here to buy one for yourself!

Branch Basics
Branch Basics (14 of 14).JPG

Remi’s sweet face may fool you, but he’s always making me clean up the house more often than not! Whenever there’s dirt on my couch or a scuff on the coffee table, I love using clean, natural products where I can get the house spotless WITHOUT compromising performance. I’ve been using Branch Basics for a while now, and I absolutely love everything in their starter kit! Snag your kit and read more about Branch Basics here! Use this link to save 10% off and then use the code RACHEL for an extra $10 off!

My Favorite Coffee Recipe

It’s easy, super delicious and clean! Just brew your normal coffee, add a tablespoon of honey (or an amount to your sweetness liking) and a dash of cinnamon. Froth your choice of milk (I love oat milk) in a frother like mine or with a hand frother! Add the milk to your coffee and voila! It’s an at home latte that’s gives Starbucks a run for their money!

Office Collage Wall

I’ve worked on my office for a few months now: cleaning out paper, organizing books, sorting my drawers, business material and gosh oh gosh, it’s been pretty crazy. It has also been the most fun to be able to design and create a space where I’ll feel inspired, encouraged and that I look forward to going to when I start my day.

One of these ideas was a collage wall! It’s a fun way to combine your favorite things, art and design on wall that might need something else. The backside of our fireplace, which is a wall in my office, was the perfect place for my collage wall. Since sharing about it, I’ve had a lot of people interested in how it all came together so I’m sharing it here!

1 . Find the pictures you like

I found pictures that I loved, that complimented each other and kept me inspired on Pinterest. Here’s the board I collected mine on but I’d encourage you to find some of your own that make it personal to you!

2. Grab your materials

I found the cutest washi tape at Target and originally hung my collage with this but because the wall is brick, I walked in the next morning and all of the pictures (except for 2) had fallen 😭😭😭. I went back and found this tape that can stick to absolutely anything and used it to tape the washi tape + picture to the wall and it worked great!


3. Print out your collage

I saved all of the images, created a document with the pictures so I had an idea of what size they’d come out and printing them at my local print shop on regular paper. I cut them at home ☺️

4. Pick a layout

I suggest laying out the pictures on the ground to figure out how it will all fit before hanging!

5. Put it up!

This is the most fun part! Put on some music, and start hanging them up!

$18 skirt in 18 patterns!

Y’all know I’m all about cutting corners to make life easy peasy 🍋 squeezey
Sooooo I snagged this skirt from @amazon for $18 and I can think of at least 7 ways to style it 🙌🏻
OH! And it comes in 18 patterns, so yeah. Best summer wardrobe purchase ever and the easiest to transition into fall with a cute sweater front tucked in. See where I’m going with this? Trying to help my sisters out 🤩😍

Sushi at Cowfish!

We went to @thecowfishsbb, ate allllllll the sushi we could stuff in at once - I had the time of my life.
I think I could easily eat sushi every night for the rest of my life 🍣😜 like, is sushi a love language? I think it’s mine! Fun fact, Thomas didn’t like sushi and hadn’t really tried it until our honeymoon. Once he tried it, he fell in love and we visited the sushi bar every night before dinner at the resort 😂🙈💕

Click here for my outfit!

Surrender + Surround
CF298342-FFF2-4CBB-A817-88D6B69A2D20 2.JPG

A few months ago, I saw this big guy priced oddly low on an online marketplace. Of course, I quickly claimed it and insisted that I pay more than the pricing since it was priced quite lower than its actual worth. The seller replied “nah, it was my grandmas and I don’t really want it.”

This struck a cord. There was nothing wrong with the piece, it’s quite beautiful actually. Just needed a quick dusting and the right placement.

The issue wasn’t this piece. The issue was that the person it once belonged to didn’t know it’s worth, value, or potential.

Same can go for us. When we find our “belonging” to something/someone who doesn’t know our value, we won’t be known or valued to our full worth or treated as such.

Are you surrounded by those who can remind you of your worth, honor and love you to your value and help you reach potential?

This is why I surrender myself to the one who bought me at a higher price than I think I deserve, the one who gave his life so I could live to my fullest potential in mine and I’ll live the rest of it living to be placed exactly where he would place me so I can tell the story of what he did for me.

Thankful our God can use things we love and cherish like furnishing and home decor to tell a story and teach me a lesson. He meets us where we’re at, right?

Surrender + surround.