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Gimme all the denim!

Denim, my BFF, truly.

It's my go-to because it goes with everything! I was chatting with a few people about the versatility to denim and had so much fun I decided to put together a fun post about the fun you can have with denim - here's what I found!

Let's Talk Toxins

I've always been told to "check the ingredients" when grocery shopping. Normally I do, and then chose to not look and be ignorant when I want my favorite candy bar or salty snack added to the buggy. Why do we check the ingredients? Because, we don't want to put those "nasty," "unhealthy," and "harmful" chemicals in our body. Yet, when was the last time you checked the ingredients in your lotion, soap, shampoo or makeup....

Healthy Snacks

First, I just feel the need to admit that I am absolutely not the most healthy. I love my goldfish, love my donuts and love my Ben and Jerry's. However, I've been on a kick to not get more healthy to look more healthy but to feel more healthy and man, this whole Gluten Free, Dairy Free trend is helping tremendously!

Napa Valley, California

Thomas and I are so so thankful that we got this sweet time to take in another great part of our country, to roam through vineyards, to learn new processes and to have an "adventure" that also offered more rest than we ever knew existed. Napa, we will see you again very soon. 

Summer's Go-To Shoes

You know the shoes that you throw on when you're about to go out somewhere. Whether it's dinner, running errands, to the gym - you have your favorite that get more ware than others. I've found mine for this summer and gosh, I had to share them!

California Campfires

Have you ever been to a campfire alone? Of course not, it's meant to be shared with the ones that you love, singing and dancing - it's a celebration. It's a warm "togetherness" of sharing stories, testimonies, and songs. It's a safe place to share and to be freely loved. It's a place filled with laughter, the sweetness of chocolate and marshmallows and the gift of friendship.

5 Lessons I've Learned in Marriage

Woah, Today, Thomas and I have been married for one whole year. It's been a year full of fun, adventures, traveling, moving, graduating, and so much more! Through it all, we've learned a few key pieces that we use practically almost everyday. Out of a spirit of vulnerability, we wanted to share those with you all because no marriage is perfect but there's so much we can share with one another.

The Summer Brim Hat

Not sure about y'all but my skin is porcelain - like, the name of my tint color for makeup is "translucent." When it comes to sun protection, I need all hands on deck: baseball caps, sunscreen, reapplication after reapplication. Let's be honest, that's not always practical (or cute) so I've found my solution: the summer brim hat. I'm loving it!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is right around the corner and I think this is the perfect time to say "thank you so much" by giving her a gift she wants but doesn't know she needs. What are we suppose to get a mom that always seems to have everything?? At least, it feels like my mom does. Gift giving for her is always a tough task but I did some thinking and asking around and I think these would all be a "win." I linked these products with Amazon so that if you have a membership (or if you don't, sign up) you can get free 2 day shipping to get this if you've procrastinated this whole gift thing!

For Exam Week

Exam week can be super stressful - it always was for me! But, I've found that these products and tips have come in handy the past few times that I've been in need of some care and stress relievin'.  I've linked some of my favorite items and you can shop them from here! They're all linked with Amazon prime so if you need it in a hurry, you can get 2 - day shipping! Plus, if you're a student, you get a discount on Amazon Prime that is too good to pass up!

The Grand Canyon

I expected the Grand Canyon to make me feel so small, so insignificant, so microscopic compared to this Canyon, itself. In reality, I felt strong, valuable and significant when this thought overwhelmed me: even after all of this was created, God didn't see the Earth "complete" or "beautiful enough" without me + you.