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I wish I could be just a phone call away, your next door neighbor or in a small group together. But, since we're not, I love finding ways to help you (and each other) here online. *big hugs*

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Real Talk

About Leah… Hey Everyone! Today Mary Scott interviews her dear friend, Leah Chabai! Leah and and Mary Scott work together and technically she’s sorta her boss. Today Leah shares about her health scare with Lyme Disease a few years ago… Leah talks about how dealing with her illness shaped every part of her life and […]

“Why Are You Waiting To Do Those Things?” with Leah Chabai | Episode 36


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about this episode… This week, Rachel sits down with David Curran, a financial wellness coach in Birmingham, AL. They talk all things “money” from spending to saving, budgets to communication and accountability. It’s all here.David gets to the root of Kingdom-minded finances and what makes them different from the world’s standards. If you want to […]

Let’s Talk About Money with David Curran | Episode 16


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think when it all boils down to it, money is just sometimes an awkward topic. We either feel like we have to much or too little, we’re charging too much or too little. 

But know this: we as designers or bloggers and creatives, we are not selling fish. We’re teaching people how to fish. Meaning, we’re selling our ideas. How much are your ideas worth. 

The awkward topics with clients: money


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I remember the first time Thomas and I sat down and actually talked about what was going on in our bank accounts. My palms got super sweaty, we were eating wings and fries, trying to make it causal, and we just straight up talked about right now, how much we had in checking and savings. […]

Let’s talk about money


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For the mama that isn't quite sure where to start, needs a little input or for those who just need a list!

I've been where you are: a tad bit overwhelmed with all of the baby things! Like, how do you keep up?! I kept getting ads for all types of baby products and just added all of them to my registry with no real plan. So, now that I'm one year into motherhood, let me chime in and help ya!

My Baby Registry Guide

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