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January 15, 2024

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Winter is here, and while the chilly weather usually brings visions of cozy blankets and hot cocoa, it also tends to bring dry, lackluster skin for many of us. But fear not! This season, I’ve discovered some magical beauty elixirs that have transformed my winter skincare game, leaving me with a radiant, glowy complexion!

These beauty products that have become my cold-weather heroes. From hydration to glow-boosting essentials, I’ve curated a lineup that keeps my skin looking dewy and fresh, even when the temps outside say otherwise.

Whether you’re battling the winter dryness or just looking to elevate your skincare routine, I’ve got you covered. Let’s embrace the winter glow together and say goodbye to dull, dehydrated skin!


First I add SPF with this perfect and not oily sunscreen that I am obsessed with! It’s liquid but starts to feel like powder the moment it hits your skin. Highly recommend!

I moisturize with this amazing moisturizer (which matches any skin type and their need!!) and add a few bronzing drops to give my skin a settle tint and glow – I love that it doesn’t look fake or any shade darker than the rest of my skin. It’s so diluted that it brings out a natural pigment and color to your skin when we all are a few shades lighter, naturally, in the winter.

Once moisturizer and bronzing drops are applied, I use a super light coverage (eehhh, I hesitate calling it a “foundation” because it’s really not) product that acts as a complexion booster that blurs, smooths, and illuminates for a real-life filter effect. It’s incredible! And so forgiving for any skin types!

I skip the concealer and instead use this cream bronzer on this perfect brush for blending and apply to my cheekbones, hairline and put the rest that’s left on my brush on the tip of my nose for a natural sunkissed look.

If I wanted some color for blush, I love this liquid blush (a little goes a long way) and I totally cheat and use it as a liquid eyeshadow, too. It makes for an effortless look!

After a quick brush of my eyebrows with this pencil and gel and a swipe of mascara, I’m ready!

Don’t forget lips! I’m loving this tube of lip balm! And this gloss is so hydrating, not sticky and has a small tint of pink which I like for when I plan to be out and about.


After removing my makeup with these amazing makeup removing cloths and water, I cleanse my face with this soft exfoliator to get any extra dirt or makeup.

Then, I use this anti-aging serum and feel it settle into my skin almost immediately.

I love this eye cream, too, that hydrates, fixes the color under my eyes and plumps if you have any darker circles.

I finish with a vitamin C oil all over my fave which leaves my face oily for the evening but my skin drinks it up quickly which I swear this is what makes for smooth, hydrated skin throughout the year!

I love this lip sleep mask for the sake of feeling extra hydrated on my lips since those can be a bit cracked and chapped during the winter.

Having a skincare routine and regimen that works for you is crucial for having healthy, glowing skin and prevent aging and unnecessary wrinkles. Everything above is linked so you can easily find what you’re looking for but of course, comment or email me if you have any questions or need any help!

As always, consult your physician when considering if a product is breastfeeding or pregnancy safe. However, I used all of these products myself and felt safe while I was nursing and pregnant.

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