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I wish I could be just a phone call away, your next door neighbor or in a small group together. But, since we're not, I love finding ways to help you (and each other) here online. *big hugs*

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Real Talk

About Danielle… In today’s episode, Rachel sits down with her friend Danielle Chiepalich. She is a mama and a wife and a makeup artist! She and her husband, AJ, have a story that meets everyone right where they are… In the midst of their struggle with sin, God showed up and rocked their world. Danielle […]

Trading Perfection for Grace with Danielle Chiepalich | Episode 32


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About Sarah Parker… In today’s episode, Mary Scott sits down with her friend Sarah Parker Mounce. Mary Scott recently became friends with Sarah Parker when she moved to Columbia. Sarah Parker is a podcaster on her podcast A Single Double Named Girl, and is also a single woman. Rachel and Mary Scott both knew that […]

Seasons of Singleness with Sarah Parker Mounce | Episode 30


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For the mama that isn't quite sure where to start, needs a little input or for those who just need a list!

I've been where you are: a tad bit overwhelmed with all of the baby things! Like, how do you keep up?! I kept getting ads for all types of baby products and just added all of them to my registry with no real plan. So, now that I'm one year into motherhood, let me chime in and help ya!

My Baby Registry Guide

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