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29 Things I’ve Learned In 29 Years

January 3, 2024

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Every year, when I celebrate a birthday, I love rounding up the year with that year’s # of things I learned. Soooo, this year, it’s 29 things I’ve learned in 29 years! It’s filled with serious, silly, practicals, thought provoking, Biblically-based and some just based on my own convictions. It’s a rich one, full of history that I wish I had more time to share the meanings behind, lots of growth and a year full of fun!

Listen to the episode here!

Here’s to 29! I hope you love this one.

  1. no new friends is a beautiful thing, actually
  2. ask for what you need
  3. listen to your body – drink water when you’re thirsty, go pee if you have to
  4. always carry snacks – I love Thrive Market for yummy snacks without the yucky ingredients! Here’s a link for 40% off your first order!
  5. guides on maps!
  6. put the thing away!! Just put it away! don’t wait or put it down where it doesn’t go
  7. but, cute baskets hide everything! everything needs a place
  8. Sometimes rejection reflects Gods kindness in helping you make a decision
  9. confidence isn’t off-putting to the right people
  10. don’t read the comments/DMs if it’s too much – a few reels went viral and people just suck sometimes
  11. pick up the phone, get out of emails
  12. everyone is human, offer grace, ask for grace and ask for what you need
  13. crock pot meals are underrated – this is the crockpot we use and love!
  14. listen to your gut (especially mom gut)
  15. if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together
  16. outsourcing is the best thing i did for my business
  17. the worst thing people can say is “no” – Thomas taught me this
  18. share any withholdings – good and hard
  19. the first thing and last thing i do in a day really do matter
  20. “what’s your story?” is the best way to start a conversation – this is the book I was talking about!
  21. be silly in front of your kids
  22. just because it’s rainy or cold doesn’t mean you can’t be outside
  23. sometimes you just go for it and do it and don’t worry about the “strategy” and trust that God’s strategy is best
  24. God is always on time. God is a gentleman.
  25. subscriptions actually aren’t scary and can save you money: amazon, nuuly (try it for $20 off your first order!)
  26. beauty maintenance is a thing and worth splurging for (for me)
  27. invest in your skin – I love this skincare!!
  28. you can never go wrong being traditional in style (and avoiding trends, in your home)
  29. You don’t need alcohol. ❤️

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