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DaySpring Planner

You can laugh but I still think of life post-grad in semester increments. Spring semester has ended and Summer has started - the only difference is it's no longer a "Summer break." No, no friends. Summer is definitely still moving at full paced. To-do lists remain the same length, reporting for work, dishes, meals, families to tend to, chores to complete, schedules and meetings to consider...yep. It's all still there. Add the occasional pool breaks, beach trips, tan skin and you've got your adult summer!

It's not all bad though if you have systems in place to make your days the most efficient so you can get to those pool breaks and beach trips a little quicker. I've always been a huge fan of old school planners but I'm also pretty particular about them. I have a planner for my calendar and dates/meeting, a notepad for my todo lists, a journal for my thoughts and prayers - and yes, all of these go everywhere with me! That's why when my friends at DaySpring partnered up with Studio 71 to create a planner (and must I add, it's gorgeous), I had to get one! It has your calendar laid out in a year, month and week with places to add your to-dos, errands and things to accomplish. It has a folder to add any receipts or business cards in the back, tabs so you can't get lost or lose time flipping to the right date and all of your favorite agenda features.


But, what makes this one a winner is that it keeps me centered while I work. Every week has a distinguished scripture to reflect on or memorize. It has a page in the back with scripture references for any mood or feeling that may be keeping you back, it has a place for goals and dreams, prayers and more! It keeps you motivated, accountable and driven to end each day in excellence and reminds you of the bigger Purpose.

I'm all about that. I hope you join me in getting this 18-month planner to experience beauty, color design, a playful style that's as rich as your faith. It's the perfect place to stop, gather thoughts, and plan your day.

I color coordinate my planner (pink is work, blue is personal, green is family) to help me keep track of everything needing to be accomplished that day or week. What do you do to make your planner your own and keep it organized?

Let's do this, friends! I hope you find this helpful!

This is a sponsored post by DaySpring. More items/products of theirs can be found here. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view.

Dew Skin vs. Tint Skin


It’s a lightweight foundation with light to medium buildable coverage and a natural finish to visibly even skin tone.



It’s a benefit-packed tinted moisturizer that delivers lightweight hydration.

Benefits include:
hint of sheer coverage
SPF 20 protection
a luminous dewy glow

What’s inside?
Black currant seed oil, peony root extract, and Vitamin C to help brighten (while leaving skin looking radiant).

How do I apply?
Dew Skin should be applied with fingers. In order to get the full SPF 20 coverage, skincancer.org says you should use a nickle-sized amount of product to cover your entire face in an event layer.

You can always wear both together! Dew Skin under Tint Skin for SPF 20 coverage and a dewier finish.

⭐️ My go-to necklace stack! ⭐️

I get asked about this stack often, it’s one of my favorites. Each piece is either fun or super special to me.

  1. The top is from Madewell, one of my faves! Has lasted forever, hasn’t tarnished and it’s adjustable for whatever length you want!

  2. The middle is a sweet piece my mom got for me on my dad’s birthday with his birthdate engraved on it. Here’s a similar one I found that you can get custom made!

  3. The last piece that hangs the lowest is a pendant Thomas got me when we started dating. He said, and I quote, “this will be one of the first diamonds I give you.” NERVE OR SWAG?? I’m not sure!

Behind the Bliss is Going LIVE!!

Freaking out, y’all, I’m freaking out.
When we first started the podcast we dreamed of meeting our listeners! Now, the time has come! We are hosting our very first (but not the last) BTB LIVE! ✨🎉🎙
Food + sips + shopping + a live recording of an episode all with you!!

Friday, June 21 in Birmingham, AL at @bloomstudiobhm!

There’s only 50 seats (some have been claimed) so snag your tickets quick!

It's just not over, yet.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this picture. But I hate it, too, all at the same time.

It doesn’t look like what it’s “supposed” to look like. It’s missing someone. One person short of the “family wedding picture” I thought would always be in our wedding album.

When I see it, my eyes get narrow, my head tilts to the right and my lips get pushed to the side. Every time.
I can get hung up with the fact that dad’s life was just too short, I can get mad at circumstances or try to find someone to blame.

Instead, I lean into the pain instead of running away from it. I scream “I’m not scared of you” right in it’s face when it reminds me of future moments he won’t be a part of. I smile knowing that it’s just a piece of my story, not the whole one.

Instead of looking at my story and asking “why this?” I’ll ask “how can I use it?”
I’m no expert and I’m not perfect, I’m just tired of trying it my way.
You have the same choice too, friend.
And trust me, it’s much more fun His way.

So why would you fear the future if His goodness and love pursued you all the days of your life (Psalm 23:6)?

Karama Collection Discount Code

You've heard me talk about @karamacollection time and time again, and now I want you to know how great they truly are!

In case you can’t wait to get your hands on some of these pieces, you can use the code RACHEL20 for 20% off of your purchase at @karamacollection! 🙌🏻

I love this company for so many reasons:

  1. Their products are gooood and made with dignity (love that)

  2. Their profit aids high school students to go to Young Life camps!

Style Tip: Styling a Body Suit

STYLE TIP: do you add camis to your outfit if your top is sheer or if you’re layering? Try replacing it with a bodysuit! 🤯
1. It stays tucked in
2. No worries about the straps falling down
3. It’s more discrete than a cami bunching up underneath 🙌🏻

I’m linking a few of my favorite bodysuits that I love, are comfortable and affordable here (along with the rest of this outfit)
Are you team bodysuit?! If so, anyone else know the restroom struggle? 😂🙈

100 Days of Declarations

If words spoke me + you into existence “in the beginning” (Genesis 1) then I think we should be careful with what we say about ourselves.

So to put that into practice and to speak life into my heart, mind and spirit, I’m joining my friends on a challenge to declare 100 scriptural Truths over myself. I’m a few days in and dang 🔥. I’m able to sort through Truth + fake news so quickly. I feel empowered and bravery to speak life into others.

My friend (@theeverhome) put together a google doc of 100 declarations you can start with and I have the link for this clicker!

“The power of life and death is in the tongue” Proverbs 18:21

Who wants to join me?

3 years of marriage

3 years down and I say we’re getting pretty good at this whole marriage thing.
Nothing profound, just real grateful for this stud and the day when we became a family. 🖤
Happy anniversary babe. I like being an Awtrey.

Here’s a few of my past posts about what I’ve learned in marriage:

Trying this new thing...

I’m trying this new thing.

Instead of looking to the next best thing, waiting for that upgrade, trying to get to Friday or a longed-for day, I’m looking at the “right now.” I think a lot is missed in the hustle. I think we miss out on moments, conversations, friendships and opportunity until we hush the noise and open our eyes. So, I’m dancing a little more, eating that cookie, taking the longer route, sipping slower and lingering.

You should try it, too.

Travel in Style

My travel “must-haves”:

The Best Cuban Restaurant in Toronto

Tasting my way around Toronto 🖤🇨🇦

Tonight we tried a Cuban restaurant in Toronto! It had tasty foreign cuisine, a killer cocktail menu and it was in a “diner” feeling location, perfect for your low-key night out!

I got the Sangria + Pork Shoulder Dish. Highly recommend!


Suffering does not mean the absence of God. In fact, lean in. Perhaps, a breakthrough is right around the corner. After the death (and what they thought was a defeat) on Friday, the Saturday was still but He came through on Sunday. Your “Sunday” is coming, too, friend!
Happy Easter from the Awtreys and this beautiful sunrise service at the beach. He is Risen! ☀️

Jumpsuit + Chocolate Fondue
IMG_3608 2.jpeg

Tonight we ate our weight in sushi + chocolate fondue (not at the same time 😝) and I am not mad about it 🙌🏻🍫🍣
Good thing this jumper is comfy + cute for the food coma I’m about to enter. You can snag it and other cutie things for your next vacay at @fabrikhomewood! ✨🥂
What’s your fave thing to do in Seaside, Rosemary, Grayton Beach area??

The Skincare Regimen You've Been Needing

If you could try any Beautycounter product, what would it be? ORRR if you’ve already fallen in love with a product, which one is it?? Sooo curious!

For me, it’s the freaking Countermatch line. Always rocking my world and bringing the dewiness (minus the oils) to my face. It’s like an at-home facial! Soo obsessed with the whole Countermatch regimen! 🙌🏻✨

No need to hustle - Matthew 6:26

No need to hustle. No need to stress. No need to get ahead of God thinking He forgot about you. He is taking care of you and has already thought of all of the things that are on your mind.

Think of all of the times that “things just worked out” and give Him the credit for those moments instead of giving Him grief when things “aren’t looking so great.” 🙌🏻