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The Best Dog Bowl Invention!

We have loved this dog bowl for Remi!

  1. It’s not a sore sight, it’s not the cutest but it works in most spaces

  2. It doubles as storage and keeps his food beneath the bowls

  3. It has two different heights! So, it can be elevated for larger dogs and brought lower for small dogs.

  4. It has a water compartment that allows automatic refills by a water bottle so you don’t have to continue to refill this water bowl for your pup.

Just wanted to share how amazing of a product this has been for our family and pup!

Branch Basics
Branch Basics (14 of 14).JPG

Remi’s sweet face may fool you, but he’s always making me clean up the house more often than not! Whenever there’s dirt on my couch or a scuff on the coffee table, I love using clean, natural products where I can get the house spotless WITHOUT compromising performance. I’ve been using Branch Basics for a while now, and I absolutely love everything in their starter kit! Snag your kit and read more about Branch Basics here! Use this link to save 10% off and then use the code RACHEL for an extra $10 off!

Office Collage Wall

I’ve worked on my office for a few months now: cleaning out paper, organizing books, sorting my drawers, business material and gosh oh gosh, it’s been pretty crazy. It has also been the most fun to be able to design and create a space where I’ll feel inspired, encouraged and that I look forward to going to when I start my day.

One of these ideas was a collage wall! It’s a fun way to combine your favorite things, art and design on wall that might need something else. The backside of our fireplace, which is a wall in my office, was the perfect place for my collage wall. Since sharing about it, I’ve had a lot of people interested in how it all came together so I’m sharing it here!

1 . Find the pictures you like

I found pictures that I loved, that complimented each other and kept me inspired on Pinterest. Here’s the board I collected mine on but I’d encourage you to find some of your own that make it personal to you!

2. Grab your materials

I found the cutest washi tape at Target and originally hung my collage with this but because the wall is brick, I walked in the next morning and all of the pictures (except for 2) had fallen 😭😭😭. I went back and found this tape that can stick to absolutely anything and used it to tape the washi tape + picture to the wall and it worked great!


3. Print out your collage

I saved all of the images, created a document with the pictures so I had an idea of what size they’d come out and printing them at my local print shop on regular paper. I cut them at home ☺️

4. Pick a layout

I suggest laying out the pictures on the ground to figure out how it will all fit before hanging!

5. Put it up!

This is the most fun part! Put on some music, and start hanging them up!

Minimalist Frames for Any Home

About a month ago, Thomas built us the most fun shiplap wall and we’ve been looking 👀 alllllll over for the “final touch.” These floating frames from @highlandhardware are the most fun and I’m giving you the closeup in my stories right now. ✨
What’s your favorite thing to decorate with? House plants? 🌿 Frames? Decorative pillows?

New Rug 🙌🏼

Remi hasn’t moved off of our new rug (or stopped smiling about it) since unrolling it last night. 🙌🏻
Sentimental hand-me-downs, cheap new rugs + plants that haven’t died. It’s the simple joys 🌿

These "Suck" - Your Top Hand Vacuum Recomendations

Thomas and I are looking for a hand vacuum to use in our home to pick up all of the little Remi hair’s around the house. The other day on Instagram, I asked you all your recommendations for Hand Vacuums and I got those and lots more! So, I figured I’d share with you what all I got!

P.S. Thomas and I have (and use everyday) the iRobot and recommend it all the time! We just want a hand vacuum to use in little corners, knick knack spots and to vacuum the car when needed!