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In Portland

Portland’s quirky but not super weird, colorful but still tasteful and has the perfect blend of local favorites and classics when it comes to shopping.
Seriously, you must add Portland to your bucket list if it’s not already there.

A shortsleeve sweater (like this one) is perfect for this misty + foggy, chilly summer weather. I don’t mind the rain when it means I can wear my favorite rain boots 🙌🏻

Portland (13 of 17).JPG
My Airport Outfit
Portland (5 of 8).jpg
Portland (7 of 8).jpg

Safe and sound in PORTLAND! So excited about venturing around a new city with a close gal friend of mine! 

If you’re going on a trip soon, you NEED to know about Barefoot Dreams sweaters. They’re the softest sweater you could ever imagine which makes the perfect loungewear for a flight. These leggings have side pockets for holding your phone, boarding pass and ID. Genius! + gotta have those tennis shoes in case you need to run to your next flight.

Blue Light Glasses

It’s almost been a week in California and we are loving it! I’ve been cranking out some projects (personal and for clients, secret and public) and cannot wait to share more!

With me being on my computer or iPad most of the day, my eyes are screaming at me by bedtime + my brain is still going nuts. But I’ve found a solution and we have GOT to talk about these glasses.

They seem to be 🔥 around this corner of Instagram since putting them on my stories yesterday! Basically they block your eyes from the blue light in your screens leaving yourself not so wired at the end of the day 🙌🏻 plus, they’re only $30!!!

You can get the link for them and others I love (and this cutie sweater) by finding me in the @liketoknow.it app!

Skincare Routine Steps + Products

Over on Instagram, I shared my skincare routine and WOW. Y'all blew it up! I figured with all of the interest on Insta, it would probably be smart to have it all in one place with links, pictures and the facts that I shared, all in one place. So here!

I put the products in order of how I use them. Some of them I switch out every other day so make sure to read how I use them. 

Quick tip: I use them from least oily to most oily so that I'm not blocking my pores first thing from getting what it needs. For example, I'll use a mist before I use a moisturizer and a moisturizer before I use a cream and a cream before I use an oil. Hope that makes sense!


Face Wash

First, ya gotta wash your face. Make sure all the dirt is off and your face is clean before applying other products. This is my favorite because it's a gentle exfoliator so it's lifting dead skin as well as nastiness. Great for sensitive skin.


Face Mist

Sounds crazy but you really need a face mist a part of your routine. It preps your skin for the prepping. Crazy, I know. It wakes your skin up to get ready and recieve all of the moisture and nourishment it's about to recieve in your routine.


Face oil

Better than moisturizer. I promise! If you have oily skin, you need this. If you have dry skin, you need this. Seriously, putting oil on your skin tells it, "hey, here's the oil you need that you're either a) trying to produce or b) producing too much of." It helps regulate oil release. Amazing!



Not an oil fan? That's okay. This is for you! It's the greatest moisturizer on the market. Honestly. No matter your skin type, this bad boy can handle it. If you're too oily, it will control that. If you're super dry, it will brighten you right up. Also, it smells like cake.


Eye Cream

This eye cream is amazing for instant restoration. If you need tightness or just an everyday eye cream, this is the best I've found.


Anti-aging Eye Cream

I switch in between this and the other eye cream from day to day. This one is anti aging and will help restore your skin and prevent wrinkles.


Eye Masks

If you've never done an eye treatment, it's the most relaxing thing. These are easy to apply, it takes 5 minutes and instantly tightens and brightens under your eye



Matcha Stick

I carry this around everywhere with me (flights, groceries, in my purse) it's the best for quick hydration on your lips, dry spots or under the eyes. The matcha moisturizes super quickly!


Jade Roller

I mentioned on my Instagram stories wanting one of these to roll in the extra oils. I've heard nothing but amazing things and might order one to try!

My In-N-Out Order + Outfit

The inaugural “we made it to California” trip to In-N-Out 🍔 🍟 
After a long flight and a late night, we’re on our drive to the ranch! Can’t wait to settle in, take a few deep breaths and make this place home again. California, we’re back and so glad to see you ☀️
P.S. this sweater is the best to have to thrown on in airports + while traveling or just for fun 🙌🏻 linking it in my bio + stories. Plus, it’s on sale 🎉

What I get: a protein style burger (aka lettuce burger), fries and a coke. Try the neopolitan shake!

The Workout Playlist + Apps You've Been Waiting For

I don't know about you but if I have a cute outfit, comfy shoes, good music and some structure, I can kill a workout. But, I need motivation, acountability and some fun to make it happen. If you're anything like me, I think these apps and workout playlist will definitely help. 
Fitness apps are so fun because you can have several to suit any fitness mood you may be in that day. Yoga? Go it. HIIT workouts? Got it. Cycling? Got it. Just need someone to talk you through a workout? Got it. Seriously, anything you can think of, they probably have it. Lucky for you, I've tested a few out over the past year and here are some of the apps I love!



Shop my favorite athletic ware



The "Sweat" app by Kayla Itsines is intense! This is for those of you that want a fun workout that will make you sweat but feel oh so accomplished once complete. 

Not only does the app offer high-intensity plyometric training, it also offers yoga training and a post-pregnancy shred program.
My favorite part about this app is that it's made clear that the goal isn't weight loss. Instead, "it’s to make women around the world be happy in their own bodies and be bikini body confident."
It's a 28 minute workout for $19.99 a month (less expensive than a gym membership) and you can do it all at home!


The "Nike Training Club" app is super fun because you can pick your intensity and your workout. If you don't have much time that day, it's okay! You can pick and chose however long you want your work out to be, what you want to focus on and the intensity.
This app is linked to your fitness app on your phone so it's keeping track of how many stairs you climbing with mountain climbers, how many miles you ran or how many calories those push-ups burned for you!



Sometimes I find myself getting super overwhelmed, easily tired or unmotivated halfway through my workout. My mind goes elsewhere and I'm not focused on pampering my body and sweating. If you're like me you've got to try "Aaptiv." It's a totally cool app that talks to you while you workout. You pick a trainer and they'll talk you through your workout and tell you to "keep going," "you're doing great" or maybe, "speed up!" How cool is that!? If you need motivation, here ya go!


I LOVE ME SOME YOGA! Yoga is the most fun for me because it's mixing the stretching and resting that my mind and body needs with the movement that will wake my muscles up. I try and do it on my own but easily forget the poses and moves to get my body moving. The app "Yoga Studio" helps me do that all at home. There's videos to follow so you don't have to try and figure it out from pictures, a countdown so you know how long to stay in those poses.
You can choose how long you want your classes to be too - they have a library of classes anywhere from 5-60 minutes.


THIS ONE IS SO SO FUN! I've been looking at Peloton bikes for a while and just drooling over the thought of maybe, somehow, someway having one in my home. But then I found this app that let's you have the Peloton experience without actually having to have a Peloton bike! You can download the app to your phone (I use my iPad for a bigger screen) and you can take live cycling classes, rewatch old ones or pretend to be cycling through a variety of scenery. Most gyms in hotels, apartment comlexes or gym memberships will have access to a stationary bike, this app is perfect for those. Great for traveling!

Egg Roll in a Bowl | One Skillet Dinner

This one may be our favorite to make for a few reasons:

1. So super cheap
2. It's fail-proof - it's really hard to mess this one up
3. You can make the whole dish in one skillet so it's a super easy cleanup
4. It's gluten free + dairy free SO if you're on a diet or need these restrictions (or even if not) it's a yummy yummy option!
5. It takes 15 minutes until dinner is on the table

I buy most of my ingredients from Trader Joes just because they're already prepared for me (the carrots are chopped, the cabbage is shredded, the ginger is grated) and I'm all about cutting corners.


What you'll need:

Large Skillet
Knives to cut your vegetables (or this veggie chopper that I swear by + I use this scooper for getting the veggies off of the cutting board and into the skillet)

Ground Beef (or substitute ground turkey, ground chuck)
Garlic (I use these garlic cubes from Trader Joes *see notes at the bottom)
Ginger (1 tsp of powdered ginger or 4 tbsp of fresh ginger)
2 cups of shredded carrots
2 large onions diced
One bag of shredded cabbage (or 1 1/4 cup)

For the sauce:
1 tbsp Brown Sugar
2 tbsp Soy Sauce (I use 1 tbsp soy sauce + 1 tbsp coconut amino just to cut out the amount of soy I'm using)
1 tbsp Sriracha Sauce

Optional topping:
Shelled Edamame Beans

BeefandCabbage (6 of 9).jpg


1. Start browning your ground beef over medium-high heat in the skillet we'll use for the entire recipe
2. Add the ginger and blend into the ground beef
3. Once browned turn down the heat to medium and add garlic, onions, carrots and let the veggies saute for about 8 minutes.
4. While the meat + veggies are sizzling, whisk together the sauce ingredients and set aside.
5. Slowly add cabbage (it will start out most likely overflowing from the skillet but allow it to wilt by mixing the veggies, meat and cabbage together). Continue adding cabbage slowly until it all has been added.
6. While cabbage is being added, heat up the edamame beans if you are choosing to add these to your bowl at the end.
7.  Pour the sauce over the entire mixture and mix together until blended well.
8. Serve + enjoy!

BeefandCabbage (7 of 9).jpg

We eat these out of regular bowls and top off the meal with the edamame beans and a few more drops of sriracha and coconut amino!

If you're a newlywed or claim to "not know how to cook" or just don't have much time on your hands, this is FOR YOU. 



*The garlic cubes are great because they're already packaged into cubes that equal one clove and they're easy to pop out of the package so you don't have to mess around with the smelly garlic

What's in my Makeup Bag?
HomeShoot (27 of 40).jpg

I often get asked, "what do you use for your moisturizer?" "Have you found a favorite bronzer?" "Do you use a 'clean' deodorant?" and other similar questions and today's the day where I spill the beans and talk about what I keep in my makeup bag!

I normally keep my makeup in an acrylic drawer but when I travel, I love using this see-through bag to help me see what's inside so I don't dig for anything. I keep everything in there I may need - not just makeup.


Moisturizer // the best for any skin type - oily, dry, combination. It's considered a "bio-mimic" which means it fits the needs of any skin type.

Chapstick // I use this after I moisturize my face to prep my lips for color

Foundation // my favorite for light coverage but is great at evening out my skin tone. It's non-toxic, too!

Deodorant // This one is actually called "the healthy deodorant" because it does the job without all of the harsh chemicals other deodorant introduce to our bodies. I'm really careful with what I put around my chest area because of things that can easily lead to breast cancer. This one smells tropical, too!

Bronzer // This one is made with real cocoa so it smells like chocolate and is super pigmented + it's pretty clean, too!

Concealer // This concealer is super thick and can cover any area well

Dry Shampoo // I always carry around dry shampoo for days that my hair may seem oily but also for the days that I need a little lift

Make-up Bag Flat Lay FINAL.jpg

Mascara // this one is super volumizing (I just have to use a few more coats than normal)

Eyebrow Pencil // Love this shade + the fact that there's a side for brushing your brows and a side for the color!

Eyeshadow Pallet // Super pigmented, the most fun colors for contouring but also more subtle colors for everyday use

Lipstick // So smooth, like butter. It hydrates my lips while also coloring them!


What are you "must haves" in your makeup bag?? I'd love to know and check them out!

HomeShoot (29 of 40).jpg

my makeup bag 

The Best Swimwear

I don't know about you but I am LOVING the new swimsuit trends for this summer! All the crochet, mix match, one pieces, all of it! I went ahead and found some of my favorites that I'll be looking at and trying on for our tropical getaways coming up soon and I'm sharing them with you! They're organized by type of swimsuit (one piece or two piece). You may be able to tell by my selection below but I'm a huge fan of practical swimsuits - not the skimpy ones. Modesty is a characteristic I hope to always carry out so these swimsuits cover up everything but also leave some room for tanning.

I added some of my favorite coverups as well so we can all match at the beach!

Two Pieces


One Pieces



Easter + Spring Decor You'll Love
HomeShoot (4 of 40).jpg

I'm all for Easter - the reason for the season, the fancy dresses and spring cocktails, the fresh blooms, the deviled eggs, the tulips. I love it all (minus the pollen). Thankfully, I've gotten a bit of a head start this year and with a little less than a month until Easter, I'm gathering my supplies to make it colorful and memorable.

Whether you're planning on making it a low-key Easter or hosting your whole family for an after-church brunch, these finds from some of my favorite stores will spruce up anything you're planning. All you have to do is click what you're eying and it will take you to the site to shop!

HomeShoot (6 of 40).jpg
6 Sweet Treats in Birmingham You Have to Have!

It's no secret that Birmingham is a foodie's dream location. I say that you could eat every meal at a different location for an entire year and still not discover all of the yummy restaurants and foods around this beautiful place I call "home." As good as breakfasts, lunches and dinners are I'm all about sweet treats and desserts. I have a sweet tooth like it's no one's business! These are 6 of my all-time FAVORITE places in Birmingham that you cannot miss if you live here or skip out on if you're visiting! 

1. Urban Cookhouse

Not only does Urban Cookhouse have the best salad combinations with fast-food type turn around time, you have to finish you meal with their half baked cookie! It's cooked in an individual skillet just enough to not be runny but the cookie is still warm and soft but the edges are cooked and crunchy. 🍦🍪
They top if off with a scoop of ice-cream (melts quickly) and chocolate syrup! 😋 Ask for several spoons and split it with your table.
Sometimes Thomas and I go just for the cookie. In a rush or you want to treat yourself at home with some Netflix? They have a drive through at the Homewood location! 🙌🏼 


2. Farm Bowl + Juice Company

If you're on a gluten free, dairy free or any special type of diet, this is a must. Farm Bowl is right next door to Urban Cookhouse and cannot be missed! They serve açaí bowls, oatmeal bowls, juices and smoothies. Wow, wow, wow.
Honestly, I've never had an açaí bowl just as good. Their açaí base consistency is similar to sherbet so it's more like a frozen sweet (but healthy) treat. Top it with granola, your favorite fruit, cocoa nibs, almond or peanut butter, hazelnut chocolate spread, any seeds or nuts and you're good to go! 🍌🍓🥥🥝

SweetTreats (20 of 100).jpg

Pick up a juice or kombucha while you're at it!
Don't forget to walk outside, swing on their swings and take a picture in front of their mural. Stay a while!

SweetTreats (28 of 100).jpg

3. Steel City Pops

You may have heard of Steel City Pops before but believe it or not, they originated in Birmingham! If it's a hot day and you need to cool off with a popsicle, this is for you. They have tons and tons of flavors: creamy and fruity. Arnold Palmer, passion fruit (my favorite), red velvet cake, coffee, you name it, they have it. Want a little more of a treat? Add a dunk flavor and a chocolate drizzle. 😍
You must take a picture with the Vulcan mural in each store! Ask the friends behind the counter what their favorite flavor is - they'll never steer you wrong. 

SweetTreats (70 of 100).jpg

Top (similar) | White Jeans | Shoes

4. Cookie Fix

The cutest little  shop wedged in the streets of Homewood Village, Cookie Fix, has plenty of cookie flavors to take or eat there but also break-apart cookie dough to take home and enjoy on your own time. 🍪🥛


My favorite is the Healthy Peanut Butter, The Presidential and the Second Date.
Don't feel like splurging that much? That's okay! They have a Superfoods Healthy Peanut Butter: "Sister to the Healthy Peanut Butter Cookie, the Superfoods Healthy Peanut butter contains chia seeds, flax seeds, walnuts, and dark chocolate. It contains coconut oil instead of butter."
Check the chalkboard outside for their flavors of the day, it's always changing! Catch them on a good day and you'll find brownies and cookie sandwiches!


Top | Jeans | Sunglasses

5. Hero Doughnuts

Definitely Instagrammable! Take a picture in front of their white painted shop, inside with the neon light, wherever! Hero Doughnuts was recently renovated from an old car shoppe into a doughnut shoppe and I am not complaining! On a good day, if the weather permits, they'll open up the garage door and let the fresh air + breeze in - love that!
Pro tip: if you go in the afternoon it's "happy hour" and doughnuts are half-off BUT be careful and don't go too late because they close when they sell out of donuts for the day. 🍩 If you do happen to catch them on your trip, make sure to get the "sidekicks" (aka doughnut holes) they're the best little bite sized things I've ever tasted. Dunk them in some coffee and you've got yourself a treat! If you're a little more hungry for something than just a small snack, ask for their burger - so good!

SweetTreats (1 of 100).jpg
SweetTreats (19 of 100).jpg

Top | Jacket | Jeans

6. Big Spoon Creamery

Big Spoon started out as a food truck here in Birmingham but I love their store front! No need to chase down a truck any longer! They have all of the ice-cream flavors you could ever think of plus more unique ones. My favorite? You have to try the Cinnamon Toast Crunch! They actually make it with the cereal so it is an actual replicated taste! Their chocolate cone is too good to be true, try that! 🍦

What are your Birmingham favorites? I'd love to know!! I've got to branch out and try new things!

Margarita March with Bartaco
Bartaco (7 of 15).jpg
Bartaco (10 of 15).jpg

I think I ate my weight in tacos today so today was successful in my books 🌮 🙃 I’m so so excited about @bartacolife’s Margarita March and excited to say their Chai-Chicha-Rita cocktail (try saying that 5 times fast!) was a hit! 🍹

I also had the chance to take over @bartacolife’s Instagram Stories today (bloopers in my stories 😂) to share my favorites on the menu! Check it out! Cheers!

My favorites on the menu:
- Tuna Poke
- Pork Belly Taco
- Chicken Taco
- Mexican Corn
REAL Fresh Pineapple
- Get the guac!!

Bartaco (15 of 15).jpg
Lunch at Real and Rosemary

I think you could eat a good meal 3 times a day for an entire year and still not visit every restaurant in Birmingham.
One of my favorites, @realandrosemary is my go to when craving a hearty (but healthy) meal 🙌🏻 🥦🥔🌽 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
QUESTION: Where’s you favorite restaurant (fast food counts hehe)? I’d love to look at their menu and try something new!

To read more about Real and Rosemary head over to this blog post to see their interior and beautiful porch!

February Favorites

These are a few products I've been loving this February! What have you been loving??



Galentine's Day at the Summit

As much fun as Valentine's Day is for some of us, I know it's not celebrated by everyone. But, have you heard of Galentine's Day? It lands on February 13th and it's the time to celebrate all of the girl bosses, best friends, and side kicks in our life. So, grab some cupcakes, champagne, a good chick flick, and celebrate those BFFs!

Galentine's Girls Night Suggestions:

What to snack on

  • Trader Joe's salted popcorn
  • Chocolate Gluten Free cupcakes from Trader Joe's
  • Your fave wine or champagne
  • Get fancy with a cheese board

What to do

  • Watch a favorite movie
  • Play a fun card game (like Cards Against Humanity) something to get everyone laughing
  • Exchange gifts

What to watch

  • 13 Going on 30
  • Definitely Maybe
  • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
  • Along Came Polly

What to gift:

Gifts are tricky, especially for your friends. What if they don't like it? Will they be able to use it? How much do I spend? These questions always crowd my brain when it comes to gift giving to my BFFs. You feel like you know someone until you have to buy them a gift...ya feel?
I've put together some of my favorites ranging from $15 - $50 so you can pick your gift based on the set budget! For me, it's so easy to find anything that I'm ever needing at The Summit in Birmingham, Alabama. If you're in the Birmingham area, I highly suggest going to do your shopping there. You have Free People, Lululemon, Anthropologie, Madewell, West Elm, Sephora, Kendra Scott, Athleta, and way way more all in one place. I'm so grateful I can walk around and get all of my shopping for friends completed all in one trip!

Valentines Day Gifts Flatlay1 (1).jpg
Galentine's Day

The other week I hosted a (very) early Galentine's Day Brunch with my friend Christina Brockman of Huckleberry Collective for some of our friends and we had a ball! We wanted to put together a little something before we all got busy but we also wanted to try out a few things to see if they're something we'd want to share with you. We had the best time and tried some new recipes, a caterer in Birmingham you have to book for your next event, a cocktail that's too easy to make it's silly, decor to add color to your party, a flower arrangement that will make you squeal, the most beautiful invitation suite for our guests, and sercies for our guests that they'll actually use.

The Decor

We hosted the brunch at a friend's house (it basically came out of a magazine, so beautiful!) that has plenty of seating, an open floor plan, and a beautiful kitchen! We wanted a beautiful flower arrangement and some other fun decor without overdoing the Valentine's Day theme. Head over to Huckleberry Collective's blog to see how she styled the arrangement and what flowers she used!
I found a shop online called The Paper House that sells the cutest party decor but also the most fun office supplies and gifts. This is where we got the balloons + "Be Mine" banner that we hung in the kitchen with the balloon bouquets scattered around the living area.


The Food

We had the greatest menu put together by Dixie Design Collective of the plates that Ashley Mac's put together for us. It was the greatest combination of sweet and salty. You have to look at the cake and read what kind it was! To see the rest of the menu, check out Huckleberry Collective's blog


The Cocktail

The cocktail concoction was so simple and so fun! It's especially great for large groups because the ingredients are easy to mix and serve! See the full recipe here.


The Guest Favors

There is the sweetest olive oil and vinaigrette shop in Mountain Brook Village here in Birmingham, Alabama called Olio. We used their fused olive oils as gifts for our guests with tags attached by Dixie Design Collective that said "olive you." Each friend got a bottle of either Blood Orange, Wild Rosemary, Mushroom and Sage, or Cilantro Red Onion. This is a great gift idea for your girl friends, mom, or even teacher gifts! They have lots of other flavors as well as vinaigrette options on their website.


Little touches of excellence in the details make events like these memorable and elegant. We loved being able to incorporate some of our favorite vendors to support local and small business. That fact that we had Christina to style and make everything beautiful was so much fun! Everything she touches turns to gold! Don't believe me? Look at her Instagram.

What do you do to celebrate Valentine's Day with your gals? We want to know!

Easy 2 Ingredient Cocktail

I've always thought that cocktails were intimidating so I've never attempted to make anything other than a margarita, pour myself a glass of wine or open a bottle of beer (for Thomas. I don't like beer). But, this little concoction has changed the game for hosting: so simple, so easy, you don't even need a shaker, 2 ingredients.

Here's what you'll need:

  • 2-3 scoops raspberry sorbet

  • 1 cup pink champagne 

  • fresh raspberries for garnish if you're feelin' fancy


  1. Place scoops of sorbet in glass.
  2. Pour champagne slowly over the sorbet. It will froth quickly so be careful!
  3. Allow to melt - it' best if it's melted! 
  4. Enjoy!
Colorful Breakfast for Slow + Rushed Mornings

Early mornings are my thing. I love a good morning where you have time to wake up, eat what you want, prep yourself for the day before the chaos starts. This breakfast is for those type of mornings (plus, it's very colorful and great for energy + power).

What's plated?


"Leftover Scramble"
2 Eggs
Baked Chicken
Goat Cheese
Sriracha Sauce

Orange Juice



My January Favorites

I'm all about cleanliness as far as what I'm putting on my body and it's been a struggle to find a clean yet efficient deodorant but I think I found one!! I'm loving it so far! I snagged it in Sephora and looked it up here and it gave me the green light. Using the EWG App has been a lifesaver to filter through what's "good" and "bad" for me these days. This deodorant has a sweet, tropical smell + it goes on like normal deodorant: no paste, no chalkiness. 

2. This Spotify Album


I have been JAMMING out recently to this worship album by my friend Emma Warren. She is killing the game and has the best version of "King of My Heart" I have ever, ever heard. If you haven't listened to it but worship music is your jam, too, click the here and it'll take you to the Spotify album or click here for Apple music.

3. This Nail Color

I've been getting gel manicures for a while now and keep going back to the color "I Canolli Wear OPI" and I'm obsessed. It's the greatest cool color for the winter. It's a great mix of a classic grey with a hint of blue - it's great for people like me with lighter skin and wants to make your skin tone look a little warmer. HELLO, give me that.

4. This Sweater

I am obsessing over this sweater and have been wearing it around the house, to the movies, around town running errands and date night. It looks like a coat but has a neckline like a professional cardigan but feels like a robe. Can I get an amen??

5. This Lip Color


Berry is the way to go this season and this lip gloss (not sticky) in "Fig" is the best berry color I can find. Plus, did I mention it's "clean" too?

6. This Snack

candy canes.jpg

Thank you Trader Joe's for providing the yummiest snack (that comes with a Gluten Free option as a well) for the Holidays. They're called Candy Canes Think Oreos with a peppermint twist. Gimme, gimme, gimme.


15 Practical Ways to Not Break Your NY Resolution Already

If you're like me, you can come up with an excuse for anything so quickly. Especially when something is challenging. This can be the worst mid-January - when you trying to stay committed to your resolution but routine and life has already begun to get in the way. That's why I invited my friend, Sam Baker of Wellness Watered to give her two cents and share a few ways she's been able to keep her resolutions. A few weeks ago, Sam interviewed me about goal setting + dreaming (read the interview here) and that's where I first learned that she is the best at helping people live their best life through food, fitness and fun stuff in between. I just needed to share a little bit of her with you!

Ahh, January. The start of “the year you’ll actually get fit” or reach that goal that’s slipped through your fingers in years past.  The month where the crowds at the gym look a little more like a flea-market than a place to workout. When the hashtags #fitspo and #cleaneats break the internet.

Motivation is running high and you’re determined:” THIS. IS. MY. YEAR.”

And I bet I could even guess a few of your resolutions for 2018.

  1. Lose X amount lbs/get in better shape

  2. Start that job/career/dream you’ve always wanted to pursue

  3. Save X amount of money

  4. Be more present

  5. Improve relationships

  6. Learn something new

  7. Travel/adventure more

  8. Stop a bad habit (cussing, smoking, drinking, biting nails or… QUITTING?)

Well, you’re not alone… It’s nearly impossible to avoid TV, social media, the radio or even conversations with friends without hearing about some sort of New Year's resolution being chased.

Honestly, I’ve regretted not taking stock in Planners and highlighters.

But guess what? Only about 8% of those people actually FINISH what they set out to do. (source: huffingtonpost)

By the time Spring rolls around 92% of the “goal diggers” are back to their old ways pretending they’re not disappointed with giving up so soon and wondering where they went wrong.

But what if I told you that it wasn’t anything THEY did wrong - and that it was just a flaw in their system?

And that I have several tried & true practical ways to actually reach those goals this year?

Not to brag, but I’ve had the best life coaches to teach me their ways: Mr. Failure & Mrs. Defeat.

I was THE QUEEN of making 20 “resolutions” every year and then getting too overwhelmed come February, leaving me feeling guilty and defeated for the 11 months leading up to next January.

Through my glorious screw-ups, I crafted the perfect recipe of secret sauce to make your goals happen this year.

Do you want in on the recipe?

Comin’ right up!

Sam’s Secret Sauce To
Just “Get ‘Er Done"

1. Make A Plan

Write out actual ways to reach your goal

If it’s to start your dream job - research companies to reach out to

If it’s to run a 5k - make a training plan

2. Stop waiting for motivation

Don’t let feelings & emotion dictate what you do

Let your actions stem from dedication to this new goal

If you wait until you “feel like it” - odds are, it’ll never happen.

Form new habits that will eventually develop into a lifestyle

3. The Buddy System

Have someone to hold you accountable to your resolution

Have a partner that is striving for the same goal

4. Get Real

Make sure your goal is realistic

Do you have/can you obtain the time, money, resources to make it happen?

Do you have too many goals?

Don’t make goals out of your control

Finding a husband, becoming a CEO, etc.

Make goals that you know you have the means to conquer.

5. Slow and steady

Make small changes that you can conquer 1 at a time in order to reach the ultimate goal.

Take it one day at a time - don’t have a set finish line that you have to reach said goal by.

6. Stay in your own lane

Stop looking to others as the example for what your journey/outcome should look like

Don’t compare your progress to others

Simply try YOUR best for YOUR life (some people work from home or don’t have as far as a commute - figure out how you can give it your all depending on the demands in your life).

7. Have Grace

Don’t expect perfection - you’re human and YOU WILL screw up.

Talk to yourself - don’t listen to yourself

When you hear the voices in your head tell you that you’re not good enough, replace those lies with true affirmations of confidence and self love.

8. Pick Up Where You Left Off

Don’t “scrap today, this week, this month” from a few mistakes, it takes a long time to form a new habit.

So stay consistent.

Keep showing up for your goal even if it means you give it the best you can that day.

If your goal is to get in shape and all you have time for is a 10 minute walk - then do what you can TODAY.

9. Live a Posture of Success

Act as if you’ve already succeeded.

Live in the mindset that you’re already a champion of this goal.

Visualize yourself reaching this goal.

10. Realize your worth

Understand that you’re already worthy of love & happiness RIGHT NOW - even before you complete your resolutions.

Recognize that reaching this goal won’t increase your worth or change your value as a person.

11. Stop fearing success

Allow yourself to cross that threshold that you never allow yourself to cross.

Allow yourself to evolve into a new person & redefine who you are.

12. Don’t let results be your end all be all

It’s all about how you show up & how you get up when you’ve fallen

Sometimes circumstances are out of our control (sickness, loss of job, other people not cooperating) - so don’t measure your success by an expectation you had for how your goal would look.

13. Don’t have a timeline

It may take longer than THIS YEAR to reach that goal or it may only take half the year - so don’t put a deadline on your goal.. Just give it your best and let it happen organically.

14. Keep Your Standards high

Don’t lower your standards to make others more comfortable or to avoid sticking out

If your friends pressure/guilt you into breaking your resolution to “bond” with them - hold your ground and pretty soon they’ll recognize your new habit is here to stay.

15. Realize it’s okay to change your mind

But not to make excuses.

If you find that “I don’t want to lose weight anymore - I’m happy with my body”, it’s okay to shift your goal to “being healthy” rather than “weight loss”.

These are my fool-proof secrets to finishing not only your resolutions for this year, but to reach in goal you have in your life.

And I know half of you are Type-A and super ecstatic over a list of things to conquer - but the other half of you are more type B, C, or D and you’re probably like “Woah, Sam. 15?! There’s no way I can remember all of these!”

But don’t worry, sister, I’ve picked my TOP 3 to keep in your pocket for when you're on the brink of throwing in the towel.

The Holy Grail of Goal-Reaching

1. Don’t run off of motivation/emotion - but determination/truth

2. Have Grace on yourself/Don’t expect perfection  

3. Live a posture of success/triumph

We weren’t created to live in a constant cycle of defeat.

Go after the goals that will make you the BEST version of yourself.

Whenever I set a goal for myself I always have a little heart to heart first and I ask myself these 2 things:

  1. Do these goals make me feel stressed/anxious at the beginning of the day - and depressed/defeated come the end of the day? (Aka they’re unrealistic/unnecessary)
  2. Or do these goals make me feel motivated/excited at the beginning of the day - and content/fulfilled come the end of the day? (Aka they’re helping you become your best self).

Don’t set yourself up for failure - if you know you’re only setting a goal to appease somebody else or to try and be what others tell you you should be, I’ll let you in on a little secret: you’ll never succeed - because even if you ever see “physical success”, you’ll always feel unfulfilled.

But girl, 2018 is your year.

Your year to have grace on yourself and ask yourself: “What is actually necessary and what do I actually want out of my life this year?”.

Lasting outward change stems from healthy intentions and a strong sense of self worth.

If deep down you don’t think you’re worth the happiness of reaching a goal, you’ll always stop yourself from passing that threshold.

So make a plan. Make the necessary sacrifices. And let this be the year you shed the shackles of failure.



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