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I wish I could be just a phone call away, your next door neighbor or in a small group together. But, since we're not, I love finding ways to help you (and each other) here online. *big hugs*

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This February join me for a Friendship series on my podcast Real Talk with Rachel Awtrey AND in your email with a 21 day challenge to grow and nurture the friendships you’ve always desired. You’ll get a daily email with an EASY task or challenge, incredible conversations from friendship experts to my very own best […]

How do I make (and be) a good friend?? with Shae Hill | FRIENDSHIP SERIES


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Welcome back to another episode of Real Talk with Rachel Awtrey! You are in for a treat! Today, we are getting to hear from our guest, Sara Hagerty, who will do nothing but inspire you to change your perspective on the God given boundaries in your life. Our hope is that you will no longer […]

Start Liking Your Life with Sara Hagerty 

Real Talk

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Winter is here, and while the chilly weather usually brings visions of cozy blankets and hot cocoa, it also tends to bring dry, lackluster skin for many of us. But fear not! This season, I’ve discovered some magical beauty elixirs that have transformed my winter skincare game, leaving me with a radiant, glowy complexion! These […]

Glowy Skin (Even in Wintertime!) Routine


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Have you ever wondered why knowing who God is matters, especially when life throws curveballs? Laney Rene, a true beacon of strength, opens up about her personal journey through heartache and loss. Brace yourselves for a conversation that’s raw, real, and filled with hope! In this episode, Laney shares her powerful story of navigating the […]

When You’re Questioning Everything with Laney Rene

Real Talk

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Every year, when I celebrate a birthday, I love rounding up the year with that year’s # of things I learned. Soooo, this year, it’s 29 things I’ve learned in 29 years! It’s filled with serious, silly, practicals, thought provoking, Biblically-based and some just based on my own convictions. It’s a rich one, full of […]

29 Things I’ve Learned In 29 Years

Real Talk

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The results are in! Resolutions are out and habits are in! WAHOOO! As far as habits go, they take a second to form and once they’re formed, they’re craved and recognized when you’ve gone without adhering and I love this! I’m all about habits and if you want to read more about forming habits, the […]

My Picks for Your New Year’s Habits


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Welcome to my holiday sales master list! I’ll keep this page updated with sales as they come up from some of my favorite shops so save and bookmark this page, come back and keep refreshing! If you want a full gift guide for anyone in your life, you can check out a ton of different […]

Your Guide to Black Friday Shopping


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If you’ve ever felt confused about your purpose, go ahead a press play on this one. In fact, screenshot it and share it with whoever you know because studies and chances say, they feel the same way. The idea of “purpose” can be intimidating, oftentimes over-complicated and filled with excuses as to “why we can’t […]

Your Purpose Doesn’t Pause with Hope Reagan Harris | Episode 258

Real Talk

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For the mama that isn't quite sure where to start, needs a little input or for those who just need a list!

I've been where you are: a tad bit overwhelmed with all of the baby things! Like, how do you keep up?! I kept getting ads for all types of baby products and just added all of them to my registry with no real plan. So, now that I'm one year into motherhood, let me chime in and help ya!

My Baby Registry Guide

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