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Margarita March with Bartaco

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I think I ate my weight in tacos today so today was successful in my books šŸŒ® šŸ™ƒ Iā€™m so so excited about @bartacolifeā€™s Margarita March and excited to say their Chai-Chicha-Rita cocktail (try saying that 5 times fast!) was a hit! šŸ¹

I also had the chance to take over @bartacolifeā€™s Instagram Stories today (bloopers in my stories šŸ˜‚) to share my favorites on the menu! Check it out! Cheers!

My favorites on the menu:
- Tuna Poke
- Pork Belly Taco
- Chicken Taco
- Mexican Corn
REAL Fresh Pineapple
- Get the guac!!

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