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Seeking the Better Things

A few days ago, I got to romp around one of my favorite towns with a group of gals full of laughter and vision. We chased the light in our cars from one beautiful backroad, covered in falling leaves, multiple colors of change and farmhouses to historic homes in the heart of Clemson. 

Both of these places were treasurers, and extremely hidden. In my four years at Clemson I never once came across the dead end road we ended up dancing and twirling and giggling on. I never had explored to the back of the Fort Hill Mansion to roll around in the grass, jump on friends backs and enjoy a sunset. 

It's silly how quickly these past four years in college has passed. I try to remember this as I move forward onto bigger (and better) seasons in life. I seek to find the hidden beauty in the place I'm in and called to in the midst of crazy schedules, routines and habits. 

I'm thankful for this evening pointing out the beauty in the places that I've walked or driven by quite too frequently. 

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