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Camp Food

In the wilderness, we made our own food. This food was minimal, canned chicken alfredo, oatmeal, and some fruit. But, I was thankful. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to a canned meal after a long hike, honestly. However, my friends and I put in so much work making this meal. We had to get a propane tank, put the stove on top, fill a pot with water, boil it, cook the chicken alfredo/oatmeal, serve it to everyone and then clean it all up using dirt and creek water. But let me tell you, that chicken alfredo was the best thing I think I have ever put in my mouth. Why? Because I worked my booty off making it and it was going to taste dang good. And it did. 

How similar is this to Christ’s love for us!

When we go over to someone’s house and they host and cook for us, we always eat their food. Why? Because it took time for them to prepare and make it so we enjoy it so that we don’t offend them.

See, we are the chicken alfredo. He worked so diligently making us perfect and unique and after her was complete with making and creating he gets to enjoy us, complete and perfectly whole.
He is so proud of His creation and the way that it brings glory to Him. So why don’t we celebrate with him? He also made me “dang good.” I often forget that.

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