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Making the Switch to Cleaner Beauty


I said it best in my Instagram Live today (still up it you wanna watch): “I just got convicted that my family and my body are to two of the best pieces of my life I could invest in. If I have this body for the rest of my life, I better start treating it that way.” 🖤
Good thing I don’t have to compromise performance for safe makeup 🙌🏻 💄
Wanna start the switch over to clean makeup? Maybe that looks like dumping out your makeup bag completely and starting new like several ladies have today. Maybe that looks like just replacing your shampoo. Let’s do it together.
Regardless, it’s bigger than using a different shampoo. It’s honoring your body by introducing clean products to your routine.
I’m on 🔥🔥🔥 about this, don’t try to stop me. Are you passionate about this to? What fires you up about living life fully?