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Easy 2 Ingredient Cocktail

I've always thought that cocktails were intimidating so I've never attempted to make anything other than a margarita, pour myself a glass of wine or open a bottle of beer (for Thomas. I don't like beer). But, this little concoction has changed the game for hosting: so simple, so easy, you don't even need a shaker, 2 ingredients.

Here's what you'll need:

  • 2-3 scoops raspberry sorbet

  • 1 cup pink champagne 

  • fresh raspberries for garnish if you're feelin' fancy


  1. Place scoops of sorbet in glass.
  2. Pour champagne slowly over the sorbet. It will froth quickly so be careful!
  3. Allow to melt - it' best if it's melted! 
  4. Enjoy!