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Well, that's just Darling


Reading a magazine has always been one of my favorite things to do. The colors in the grocery store lines always catch my attention, and then add the headlines: intriguing. Yes, I want to be the next homemaker, I want to know what outfits are "in", I want to know what flowers will bloom in my (imaginary) garden this season. 

The common denominator of all of these wants: to be inspired. 

Honestly, all of the magazines that sit in the check out line just never fulfill that desire for inspiration in me. This past December, Thomas subscribed me to the daintiest, yet powerful, publication: Darling Magazine. 

It's all about the "art of being a woman". Inside, it holds the most unique stories of the most resilient women and photography that will put you into a sensory overload of all the inspiration you've been searching for. 

Their pages match their content: thick. Unlike most magazines, they don't cheapen the experience, it's rich and full and you leave your magazine reading experience with a new passion for who you are rather than gloating or being full of self loathe for who you're not. 

But, most importantly, I believe in what they stand for. They never alter the images or add any Photoshop techniques. They are genuine and don't believe in altering anything that is already beautiful. They highlight women that aren't known for anything other than their story and success and tell their story in the most eloquent way. 

What Darling believes is slapped on the back cover of every printed magazine, you can't miss it- I like it that way. 

And the best part: it's for all women. Not just single women but married and everything in between. It's for moms and daughters, sisters and wives. Crafty and creative women and not-so-crafty women. It's for all of the above that are craving pure inspiration with no mess or false representations. 

Check out their website to see how you can get your hands on one!

Darling is the art of being a woman. Darling magazine holds the modern mold of woman up to the fire to evoke a discussion on felinity and re-shape an authentic design. Darling is a catalyst for positive change; leading women to discover beauty apart from vanity, influence apart fro manipulation, style apart from materialism, sweetness apart from passivity, and womanhood with degradation. Darling leads women to practice the arts of virtue, wit, modesty and wisdom-all the while creating beauty and embodying love. Darling says women are not only interesting, but original. Not only good enough, but exceptional-not just here, but here for a purpose.
— Darling Magazine