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The Errands Outfit

For that day in between something fun and something fancy lies a day where you don't have time to shower, do your hair, properly apply makeup. It probably comes with brushing your hair, maybe a spray of dry shampoo, hoping your perfume is enough and throwing on your fave leggings and an oversized tee. Not just me?

There is a great way to style yourself while getting stuff done without your old sorority function shirt or sweaty athletic clothes. Yes, it's still comfy. My favorite combination to go to on these days includes my leggings, a super cozy knit tee, a baggy sweater (to add a layer, especially if it's chilly) and a great hat and my favorite tennies. 

Let your left over curls or hair from the day before be flaunted, no reason to tuck those back yet. Even messy hair makes a baseball cap look great! Who doesn't love walking around in comfy leggings all day and getting away with it? And my rule: as long as the hat is bright, cute or your favorite, it's safe to rock it.