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For Exam Week


Exam week can be super stressful - it always was for me! But, I've found that these products and tips have come in handy the past few times that I've been in need of some care and stress relievin'.  I've linked some of my favorite items and you can shop them from here! They're all linked with Amazon prime so if you need it in a hurry, you can get 2 - day shipping! Plus, if you're a student, you get a discount on Amazon Prime that is too good to pass up!



This is your body's fuel for exam week! Don't let it go missing or binge on pizza and ice cream when you're stressed. You'll crash and burn! 

Instead, fuel it with healthy and delicious snacks that are super easy to take on the go! Add the almond butter with apples or bananas to make the perfect snack. These granola bars are super yummy and only hold organic ingredients so there's no worry that what you're putting in your system won't be contributing to that "A+." The Kevita drink is a carbonated (sparkling) type of drink that carries great supplements for your body with a sweet taste! It'll keep you healthy and keep your immune system strong despite the all-nighters you might be taking.



Playlists make all of the difference when it comes to studying. Depending on the vibe that you like to study to, I linked my favorite Spotify playlists for y'all!

Intense Soundtrack


Modern + Upbeat



annnnnd for the caffeine. It's a must, right? Gotta stay up and get to work! If you don't have a coffee pot in your room or maybe you can't necessarily take it "on the go" to the library or your study sessions, just find some hot water and this Via Instant Latte mix gets dumped and stirred in and is the yummiest drink. Not only will it keep you awake, it's a great treat for all the hard work you've been putting into this week! The Corkcicle will keep this latte (or your drink of choice) hot for 12 hours. Or, it'll keep your water cold for 24! Incredible for those long hours. Almond milk creamer is my go to when it comes to lightening up my coffee. It adds a sweet flavor without being too heavy and keeps me from getting the jitters or an upset tummy (if you're like me and don't care for dairy too much).



What you're studying with matters! This pen is my favorite! It's felt tip so it moves easily on your page and doesn't smudge! I feel like when I have the right supplies in my backpack, I always look forward to studying. This notepad set is great for making notes in your notes/textbook but also using to encourage yourself and your friends around you! And the pencils...they're my favorite. Anything Rifle Paper Company is my favorite, honestly. They're No. 2 so you don't have to worry about the lead + scantron issue and their design is pretty dope. 



It's easy to overlook personal care when it turns into finals week but these will help you stay fresh while also not losing time studying to your hygiene routine. The dry shampoo is super easy. If you wake up with more oily hair than you like, spritz a few sprays in your hair, let it sit while you brush your teeth and then massage it in and brush it out. Simple. The lavender oil is proven to be stress reliever. I carry this around all the time - not just when I have an exam to take. I dab some from my fingertips onto my temples of my noggin. It has a strong smell so you don't need much - let the stress relieving begin! The makeup wipes by Burt's Bees are my favorite. Especially the grapefruit kind. They'll take your makeup off quickly after a long night of studying before you put your head on your pillow and it'll also help wake you up in the morning with it's fresh, fruity smell. 


Obviously there's more to finals week than just these products but I find these to be extremely helpful when I have a crazy busy (and sometimes) stressful week ahead. Take care of yourself, first friends and I know you'll do just fine!

What do you use that keeps you sane during exam week (or any stressful week)? I'd love to learn some new tips from you guys!