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Fall Favorites


There's nothing better than a spreading pumpkin butter on a warm buttery croissant for a quick "pick-me-up" snack or dessert. You can also use this on pancakes or waffles, toast or mix it into the batter to give it a pumpkin-y flavor. What's any better way to welcome in fall than enjoying an autumn flavored sweet treat?

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One of my favorite parts of fall is the warm makeup looks. Between the warm eyeshadows with creams, browns and oranges and the warm blush tones, this lip sheer is a perfect fit. I also love the fact that it has a hint of vanilla, and it's moisturizing instead of making your lips a little more chapped. Which, we all know that moisture and fall is a needed combo.

These Madewell Slippers are the best to throw on during a cozy afternoon watching movies, cooking in the kitchen on the cold hardwoods or getting ready in the morning with the chilly titled floor underneath you. It has soft sheep fur inside and a great moccasin type look to it so it's not your average, ugly slipper. Praise!

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Peep toes are the greatest when there's a transition from warmer weather to more brisk weather. It gives your pedicure a little more time to be shown off but also adds a little flavor to your skinny or boyfriend jean outfit. This peep toe is great because of the warm texture of the suede and the fall color of forrest green. Bring on alllll the fall fashion!

Embroidered jeans are honestly fun for any season but they're coming back hard core or fall. It adds a flavor to your jeans that mixes up the outfit. If they're boyfriend jeans, you get extra points. This comfy fitting, but still chic, pant is great for errands around town, pair it with a white tee. It's also great for a night out with the girls if you add a blouse with a "front-tuck."

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With fall, you never know what to wear out of the house. In the morning it's chilly, so you may want to grab a light jacket. Towards the afternoon, it may get a little warmer and you may decide to shed the jacket. But, with a jacket, your wallet and phone, anything you may have picked up throughout the day, it can easily become a handful. That's why I trade in my summer clutch for this perfect leather backpack by Lauren Conrad

This is the perfect magazine to have on your nightstand or coffee table. It's a new favorite of mine. You can find recipes, fashion insight, stories and incredible photography inside. They're chic and minimal so you can thank them for a simple design. They have seasonal volumes and I've heard nothing but great news about this Fall's magazine.

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