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You actually may not be "cleaning" your house

Recently, I've found that there are thousands of products that sit on the shelves, of some of my favorite stores, that are toxic and poisoning our environment. Whether that's skin care products or cleaning supplies. Tons of these products have chemicals in them that get rid of bacteria, sure, but are causing harm to other parts of our body.

Our immune system is important but other systems in our body are equally as important. So, why do we compromise our overall health for anti-bacterial soap, spray or wipes? Good news is, I've found a company that cares for both our overall health and getting rid of bacteria. Grab Green is a company that sells home cleaning supplies and I've been using it in my home. These are a few of their products that I've been able to use!


I love being able to find non-toxic alternates to what I've been using so these products are a refresher for sure!  You can purchase these products on the Grab Green website and even get 25% off of your first purchase using the code FIRST25!

You all are seriously the best and I am so so thankful for each and every one of you!

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