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The Secret to Buying Handbags

THE JEANS    |      THE SHIRT      |     THE BAG

THE JEANS   |     THE SHIRT     |    THE BAG

Here's a myth I believed: a good handbag had to be expensive. If it was expensive it was: in style, good quality and would compliment my outfit.

Myth buster: it doesn't have to be expensive to be a great bag. In fact, two of my favorites that I carry with me on errands, to concerts, out to dinner, etc. came from DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse). Yes! DSW has a bag section. It's a hit or miss to be honest but I've found some of my favorite's there (FOR UNDER $25!!!) you iz welcome....


The exact handbags that I'm carrying here can be found still at DSW. I attached the links to the pictures so you can shop directly here for these and way more!

Where do you guys buy your handbags? Is there one that's your "go-to"? I wanna know! Comment them below!