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Healthy Snacks

First, I just feel the need to admit that I am absolutely not the most healthy. I love my goldfish, love my donuts and love my Ben and Jerry's. However, I've been on a kick to not get more healthy to look more healthy but to feel more healthy and man, this whole Gluten Free, Dairy Free trend is helping tremendously!

I have pretty high environmental allergies and I was recommended by my doctor to try a GF, DF lifestyle to cut down on what may be making my body react so strongly and leave some flex room when the pollen gets crazy. It's crazy to say it, but it's working.

Since I've seen a difference, I've been intrigued with food and what it does to our body. I had pasta and garlic bread after being Gluten Free for a week and broke out in a crazy rash on my chest. Hmmm. I've realized less sneezing, less itchiness, less watery eyes since I've cut out dairy as well. The reason I've felt less healthy is because of my snack choice because of our "on the go" lifestyle. So, I've done some research and investigating to make sure that this new way of eating is convenient and tasty.

These are some great snack alternatives that I've found!

Like I said, I'm no expert so pleas let me know if you have any suggestions, I'm desperate in this transition! Y'all rock!! Let's be healthy and keep each other accountable together!