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Hi! I'm Rachel! 🖤


Consider this a “hey, wassup, hello” for my old + new friends around here. 👋🏼 Here’s my thing: I hope you leave this 30 second pause in your scroll feeling more loved, empowered and ready to do things that matter. 🖤

A little about me: I repeat my outfits on the daily and I ball on a budget (🙃). My favorite playlist is a mix of T-Pain and Hillsong and I add “Migos noises” to worship songs (see story for proof). 🎶 Doing a laundry takes 2-5 business days to complete for me and my husband, Thomas is super patient with me and I’m thankful for that. 🧦

My husband is a pilot and is in the Air National Guard, ✈️ and my dog, Remi, is our fur baby and keeps us laughing (he’s borderline human, y’all). Also, he literally looks like the dog emoji. 🐶

I like to host conversations about things that matter, important truths we should never forget and help share some shortcuts on things in life so you can focus on the things that truly matter. Sometimes I do this behind a mic and share these convos on my podcast @behindtheblisspodcast. 🎙 Other times, it’s convo over coffee with a friend, on a walk in our neighborhood, over the phone or here on Instagram stories. ☕️ 💕

Life is to be shared, stories are to be told, dreams are to be pursued and truth is to be remembered. That’s what I’m about.

I’m so glad you’re here 💕
Tell me about you!

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