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My January Favorites


I'm all about cleanliness as far as what I'm putting on my body and it's been a struggle to find a clean yet efficient deodorant but I think I found one!! I'm loving it so far! I snagged it in Sephora and looked it up here and it gave me the green light. Using the EWG App has been a lifesaver to filter through what's "good" and "bad" for me these days. This deodorant has a sweet, tropical smell + it goes on like normal deodorant: no paste, no chalkiness. 

2. This Spotify Album


I have been JAMMING out recently to this worship album by my friend Emma Warren. She is killing the game and has the best version of "King of My Heart" I have ever, ever heard. If you haven't listened to it but worship music is your jam, too, click the here and it'll take you to the Spotify album or click here for Apple music.

3. This Nail Color

I've been getting gel manicures for a while now and keep going back to the color "I Canolli Wear OPI" and I'm obsessed. It's the greatest cool color for the winter. It's a great mix of a classic grey with a hint of blue - it's great for people like me with lighter skin and wants to make your skin tone look a little warmer. HELLO, give me that.

4. This Sweater

I am obsessing over this sweater and have been wearing it around the house, to the movies, around town running errands and date night. It looks like a coat but has a neckline like a professional cardigan but feels like a robe. Can I get an amen??

5. This Lip Color


Berry is the way to go this season and this lip gloss (not sticky) in "Fig" is the best berry color I can find. Plus, did I mention it's "clean" too?

6. This Snack

candy canes.jpg

Thank you Trader Joe's for providing the yummiest snack (that comes with a Gluten Free option as a well) for the Holidays. They're called Candy Canes Think Oreos with a peppermint twist. Gimme, gimme, gimme.