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Dressing my Knot

Digression is the worst. It’s also a lie. Progression is movement in the forward direction. Digression, however, is movement in the opposite direction of previous movement.


Recently I’ve been believing the lie that my grieving process, or honestly all processes in my life, have been at a digress. False. Relationships, issues, processes are also in a progressive movement when with the Lord. 

Then why do I feel that I’m revisiting the issues I never want to revisit? I thought this three year grieving process would have already healed. Or at least would be less tender than before. 

I was so frustrated and thinking about this while tying a knot at the ropes course I was to work that day. 

When tying a knot to belay a climber, you tie it first and then “dress it.” Dressing a knot is the process of bending, pulling, tightening the knot in order for it to look a little more attractive rather than a literal knot, that each rope is following each other. It is also much safer to pull the knot and make sure it is tight. This process of dressing the knot convicted me.

I, like a knot, am being dressed by the Lord. I may have already tied this knot, which would be fine. But my God wants me to be more than “fine.” He wants success for me. He wants to bend me, to pull me, to stretch me, to pull out all the slack I may have in my life to live more beautifully, and more safely. 

So yes, I am not digressing. I’m just revisiting this knot that I’ve already tied to now dress it. And I’m okay with that.