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My organization necessities

It's easier to stay organized when it looks good while doing it. Let's agree to do away with the manilla folders, chunky pens, awfully distracting highlighters and spiraled notebooks from fifth grade. Okay?

1. Grocery Planner

There's nothing more frustrating than trying to grocery shop when you haven't even meal planned yet. These fun pieces are great adds to my lifestyle + to keep me, my brain and my fridge organized and I know what's going in and what's going on. No more moldy veggies because you forgot about 'em. Can I get a hallelujah??

2. Agendas + Planners

Gotta keep organized and ready to go at a moments notice - at least, that's my life. It so helps to have something pretty that I look forward to and enjoy writing down my plans in. Here are a few of my favorite.

3. Journals

I love to write down just about anything: a fun thought, a dream, a prayer, notes from something I'm hearing or the latest favorite podcast, you name it. These are my favorite because of either their style, design or inside pages (ruled and unruled). 

4.  Desk + Office Accessories

Who agrees: work is more fun when you have a fun desk? I think yes. Having a fun tape dispenser wants me to tape just about everything. Having a fun filing system makes me more organized, you catch the gist. 

5. Notebook Accessories

Gimme all the cute sticky notes, paper clips and pens! 

These are just a few of my favorites, what are yours that keep you studios and hustlin'?