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10 Free Phone Wallpapers

There's something about a little reminder. Something that pops up and tells you who you are, affirms your identity, kicks you in the booty to do that "thing" you know you need to do, that gives you the credit you don't give yourself. 

We always could use a reminder. A sticky note on my mirror or on my dash in my car. In this case, I made a phone background. With the amount of times I check my phone (guilty) I'm bound to be reminded of a truth, a step towards memorizing scripture, or get a little "perk me up" through out the day.

Here's to truth + technology. Enjoy! 

The easiest way to download these pretties is to:

1. Click on the one you admire

2. Right Click on the opened picture

3. Click "Save Image As" (computer) or save it directly to your phone (mobile)

Which one is your favorite?