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First Saturday in Birmingham

It's our first Saturday (not snowed in) in our new town, Birmingham and man! Did we enjoy getting out and exploring or what! 

It was a beautiful 70 degree weather day so of course we took the motorcycle and took a few (accidental or purposeful?) wrong turns. We wandered around some windy roads by Cahaba Heights, found a running trail, park, waterfront park and so much more fun! We meandered our way to a sweet nursery called "Leaf and Petal."


Naturally, I fell in love with a few succulents that would go perfectly in my new gold distressed planter I picked up in Anthropologie my last visit. My brother, Hamilton, was in town staying with us and he went to grab coffee with a friend so we met him afterwards back near our home at a great burger joint: Flip. 

Seriously, their turkey burger with avocado and pomegranate ketchup was to die for. We chose to sit outside on the patio because, again, the weather was magical. At the Summit (a nearby shopping center) there's an overlook that looks over the mountains in the near distance. So, we were able to enjoy lunch and a view. Too bad we were too full to not enjoy their Nutella milkshake topped with marshmallows. 

But, we bounced across the street at Steel City Pops for our second visit of the weekend to grab a coffee and cookies + cream popsicle. It was seriously just the best lounging day. 

I could do this every Saturday, honestly. A "welcome" to a city has never been sweeter.