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How to Stay Inspired

Like I said in an answer in my Frequently Asked Questions, I set aside one day a week (usually Mondays) to inspiration alone for new blog content, webinars, email courses and other fun blog stuff. I'd like to think that I stay inspired constantly. But, honestly, it's a feast or famine.  Some days I'm overloaded with inspiration and this is good because I can tuck away some ideas for the days that feel really dry. On the dry days, I still like to give my brain a creative break and just have fun and learn new things and create new ideas. 

Coffee with other creatives

This should be at the top of your list. When I'm feeling uninspired or discouraged, I always have someone that I call to encourage me, lift me back up again or keep me accountable to my dreams and goals that I once shared. Find someone that knows what you want and has an idea of a pathway to get there. They may have some fun ideas for you to chew on that'll keep you moving if you feel blocked or hindered by yourself. 


Pinterest is a fun place to go to aimlessly scroll, rejuvenate your right brain and just have fun looking at other people's inspiration. I just revamped mine and am finally starting to pin again here. These two boards (one of my favorite by Mary Grace Baker and one of my own) are two that I hope to act as inspiration to myself and others. Take a look!


For me, music is another great place to go to when I need a little pep in my step. If I'm writing, sometimes it's hard to have music on but if I'm creating content, a planner, editing pictures or responding to emails, I usually have one of these two playlists playing in the background to set a tone that's hard to not be inspired by.

These are just some of my favorite ways to stay inspired, what are yours?? Is it running, painting, drawing, talking to yourself? I wanna know, comment them below! I'm always taking new ideas!