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Stumptown cold brew

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Coffee isn’t a drink, it’s an experience. It’s the feeling of your chilly morning hands meeting your ceramic mug warmed by what’s inside. It’s the sound of the “dollop” of cream you put inside or the sugar grain friction coming out the packet or, for me, the stickiness of my hands after adding local honey. It’s the smell that says, “Let'sget this day started!” It’s the sight of when the thick half and half meets the thin, yet strong brew. 

Hands up if you’re a coffee lover. I can guarantee about half of you will be reading this in a coffee shop. 

Nonetheless, your coffee experience hasn’t been made if you’ve yet to try this creation by a cold brew coffee company started in Portland, Oregon. 

Here's why Stumptown Coffee Roasters cold brew coffee is my first #FavoriteThingFriday.

They hit all the bases with my most favorite cold brew flavors: chocolate cold brew (yes, I said it), coconut cold brew (dairy free). These are sold in the cutest little paper cartons that remind me of the elementary school cafeteria days. They also sell their original bottled cold brew with no flavor added leaving the creating up to you. 

However, their process is worth it because of the coffee that’s produced as a product. What’s so special about cold brew coffee? I'm not all about chemistry so you can read about that process elsewhere but in general…

Hot brew is made with what’s typically on your granite countertop: the coffee pot, the french press, a chemex. Hot brew is created when hot water is poured over a bed of coffee grounds and is filtered through as to not consume the grounds. Normally, after it cools you can drink it instantly.

Cold brew is made over time. A french press can also be used in this process. It’s when room temperature water is poured over coffee grounds. Because of the lack of heat, it is needed to filter through the grounds from anywhere from four to twenty-four hours. Geez. Like they say, “Anything worth it is worth waiting for.” When the grounds are removed, it leaves a thicker consistency of coffee that has had more time to soak up all the flavors the grounds have to offer leaving you with the most flavorful coffee you’ve ever dreamed of putting to your lips. It’s best when accompanied by some ice cubes or if it’s refrigerated. 

Some of you will have the opportunity to try them if you’re located in the Pacific North West region of the United States but they’re pretty scarce on the East Coast but they’re there!

Here are a few places I’ve been able to find them:

Ashland Co-op // Ashland, OR

Mix Bakery // Ashland, OR

an actual Stumptown Coffee Roaster Shop in Greenwich Village for my East Coast friends // NYC

Stumptown has way more to offer than just cold brew but cold brew is needed on hot days. 

What's a better combination than cold coffee and local peaches?