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Valentine Day Presents for Him

Sax Underwear

Thomas swears by these. They're his first pick out of the drawer. This is one of his favorite gift I ever got him. They're perfect for Valentine's day because they're something he may never buy for himself so splurge on 'em boo. 

Waterproof Socks

It sounds super silly but if they are use to hiking or camping or doing anything active, waterproof socks are a game changer. I just think it's super neat that you can walk through a puddle of water without shoes on and still have dry feat. How cool. 

Engraved Glasses + Decanter

This one is for the fancy peeps. Definitely for 21+. It's always fun to have something that makes ya feel classy. This decanter and double old fashion glasses serve this purpose justice.  It's fun for them to have it sitting on their counter or for poker night with the boys.

Engraved Leather Journal

For the men that like to take notes, to journal or to have something in their pocket to jot something down, this personalized gift (literally) is perfect and so intentional. Have their initials or their full names and it'll be a keepsake they'll always remember. 

engraved leather journal.

Duke Canon Bar of Soap

I know. I know. "A bar of soap?" It sounds crazy but this soap is 1. hilarious and 2. smells fantastic. The soap's names named after different characteristics of your man. It makes this gift super thoughtful. My favorite scent and one that I would give Thomas is the "productivity" scent. The next best scene is their "victory" scent for all the men #winning out there!

Gosh y'all, I get it. Buying gifts for guys is tough because they either buy it for themselves or they just don't ever tell ya what's on their wish-list. Then there's a lot of pressure on Valentine's day because you want to be fun but you also want to be intentional. The worst part is sometimes Valentines day sneaks up on ya and "shoot! I forgot a present!" happens. 

Hopefully these help you out and you can figure out what will suit him best. 

Happy Valentines Day, babes!

Duke Cannon Bar of Soap