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Behind the Scenes: Working with Clients

When people asked me when I was a little girl what I wanted to be when I grew up, I had three answers: 1. A barbie 2. a firefighter and 3. an artist. 

The journey becoming a Barbie came to a quick end when I realized it wasn't an option. I highly respect firefighters but realized that that wasn't a calling I felt like I had. But, the artist...oh the artist stuck around. I thrived in art class throughout school, really loved it but never fully committed to the idea of it. In college, to make a little money on the side, I painted acrylics for friends and started a small business painting watercolors of houses. I loved it, but the monotony of painting houses and the vulnerability of paint canvases for clients didn't seem to be right with me. I was frustrated. I loved art behind a camera lens, with a pen in my hand going across paper, paint brush with paint at the tip but I wanted to know how to combine them all into one. 

Slowly but surely I came to realize, though a class I took at Clemson University (go tigers) that I really loved graphic design and a lot of people in this world could use some help with it. I mean, just look at some of the billboards people are paying money for...yikes. 

I announced though social media + my blog that I was accepting inquiries from clients that would want my help, two cents and assistance throughout their graphic design journey and the response was tremendous. 

This is a little of what working with the clients has started to look like and how I combine all of what I love (paint, colors, typography, photography) all into one


I'm starting to dwindle down my clients and who I'm going to take. It's not a personal thing but I fully believe that there is an artist out there for everyone and not everyone out there is for me. I want the dreamers, the people that aren't afraid to be different, the ones that are going out on a limb rather than finding inspiration elsewhere and these girls are makin' it.

The client and I go over their dreams, what they're needing from me and my work and how I can be of assistance. I then send them over some fun "homework" for lack of better terms about their "dream client," who they are, what they want, what they like/don't like. From there, I gather inspiration using all sorts of media and put together a Brand Board. I use that to create the materials that they're needing: a website, collateral branding material, just a direction, whatever!

I've noticed that this fills my craving for a few different things in life that I hold dear to my heart: relationships, propelling other's dreams, colors and the beauty in this world. I am so proud of these women and everything they are about to accomplish.

Round of applause for these show-stoppers. 

Here are a few examples: