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Why Mornings Matter with Emily Ley | Episode 227

April 28, 2023

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about this episode

Welcome to an energizing and inspiring episode of Real Talk with Rachel! Today, we have a very special guest joining us: Emily Ley, the creator of the Simplified Planner and a renowned expert in routines. In this lively conversation, Rachel and Emily dive into the topic of morning routines and explore why they matter in our lives. From discussing the importance of starting the day with intention to sharing top and bottom picks for a morning routine, this episode is filled with valuable insights and a big secret that Emily unveils. Get ready for an episode that will motivate you to show up as your best self and embrace the power of mornings!

  1. The Significance of Morning Routines: Starting with Intention

In this segment, Rachel and Emily highlight the importance of morning routines and the impact they can have on our daily lives. They discuss the value of starting the day with intention and how morning rituals can set the tone for the rest of the day. By establishing routines that align with our values and priorities, we can show up as our best selves and create a positive momentum for the day ahead.

  1. Emily’s Top 5 and Bottom 5 of a Morning Routine

Emily Ley, the routine queen herself, shares her top 5 and bottom 5 elements of a morning routine. From practices that bring joy and productivity to those that may not serve us well, Emily offers valuable insights and practical tips. Listeners can gain inspiration from her top picks and consider which elements resonate with them as they craft their own morning routines.

  1. Unveiling a Big Secret: Emily’s Surprise Revelation

Hold onto your seats because Emily has a big secret to share! In this exciting segment, she unveils a surprise that she hasn’t shared before. Get ready to be intrigued and inspired as she reveals this exciting news that will undoubtedly captivate listeners and add an extra layer of excitement to the episode.

  1. Embracing the Power of Mornings: Showing Up as Your Best Self

The conversation concludes with Rachel and Emily encouraging listeners to embrace the power of mornings and make intentional choices that align with their values and goals. They discuss the importance of self-care, prioritizing well-being, and finding a morning routine that works best for each individual. By showing up as our best selves in the morning, we set the stage for a productive, fulfilling, and joyful day.

In this invigorating episode of Real Talk with Rachel, we’ve delved into the power of mornings with special guest Emily Ley. From the significance of morning routines and starting with intention to Emily’s top and bottom picks for a morning routine, this conversation offers valuable insights and practical tips.

We’ve also had the pleasure of witnessing the unveiling of a big secret, adding an extra layer of excitement to the episode. As Rachel and Emily emphasize, embracing the power of mornings allows us to show up as our best selves, prioritize self-care, and create a positive momentum for the day ahead.

Stay tuned for future episodes of Real Talk with Rachel, where we continue to explore a wide range of topics with enthusiasm, authenticity, and a commitment to personal growth. Remember, mornings matter, and by crafting intentional routines, we can make the most of each day and live a purposeful and fulfilling life.

About Emily

Emily Ley is a renowned author, entrepreneur, and creator of the Simplified Planner. With a passion for helping others simplify their lives and focus on what truly matters, Emily has become a trusted voice in the productivity and organization space.

As the founder of Simplified, a lifestyle brand that offers products and resources designed to simplify and bring joy to everyday life, Emily has empowered countless individuals to declutter their minds and create space for what’s truly important. Her Simplified Planner, known for its clean and functional design, has gained a loyal following and has become a staple for individuals seeking a more organized and intentional approach to their days.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In the summer of 2023, Behind the Bliss Podcast was rebranded to the new title Real Talk with Rachel Awtrey. Some information and links may have changed since recording this episode.

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