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New Business, Dairy Free and “Gee Tammy” catchup with Thomas | Episode 228

April 28, 2023

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Welcome to an exciting and vibrant episode of Real Talk with Rachel! Today, we have a special catch-up session where Rachel and Thomas share thrilling life updates with our beloved listeners. From new business ventures and globetrotting adventures to adorable toddler moments and personal dietary changes, the Awtrey family has been experiencing an array of exciting developments. Join us as we dive into the latest news and updates, sharing the joy and growth that comes with embracing new chapters in life.

  1. New Business Ventures: Thriving in Entrepreneurship

In this segment, Rachel and Thomas discuss their new business ventures and the excitement that comes with pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors. They share insights into the challenges and triumphs of building and growing a business, offering inspiration and motivation for listeners who may have their own entrepreneurial dreams. Their experiences remind us that with dedication and passion, we can create opportunities for success and personal fulfillment.

  1. Globetrotting Adventures: Thomas’s Adventures in the Skies

Thomas’s passion for aviation takes center stage as Rachel and Thomas delve into his globetrotting adventures. From flying to various destinations around the world to experiencing different cultures and landscapes, Thomas shares his exhilarating experiences as a frequent flyer. Listeners are invited to join in the excitement of exploration and discovery, as we celebrate the wonder of travel and the beauty of diverse experiences.

  1. Adorable Toddler Moments: Maddex’s Cuteness and Oliver’s Laughter

What’s an update without some adorable toddler moments? Rachel and Thomas gush about their little ones, highlighting the cuteness of Maddex and the infectious laughter of Oliver. They share heartwarming anecdotes and reflections on the joys and challenges of parenting. Through their stories, they invite listeners to celebrate the precious moments that children bring into our lives and to appreciate the unique journey of parenthood.

  1. Dietary Changes and Personal Growth: Rachel’s Dairy-Free Journey

Rachel shares her recent dietary change of going dairy-free and reflects on the impact it has had on her overall well-being. She discusses the importance of listening to our bodies, making choices that align with our health goals, and embracing personal growth. Her journey serves as a reminder that self-care and conscious decision-making are essential elements of a fulfilling and healthy life.

In this lively and uplifting episode of Real Talk with Rachel, we’ve caught up with Rachel and Thomas, immersing ourselves in their vibrant lives and exciting updates. From new business ventures and globetrotting adventures to cherishing adorable toddler moments and embracing dietary changes, the Awtrey family continues to thrive and grow.

Their stories remind us of the beauty of embracing new chapters, pursuing our passions, and prioritizing personal well-being. Real Talk with Rachel will continue to bring you authentic conversations and inspiring content that celebrates the journey of life and encourages personal growth.

Stay tuned for future episodes where we explore a wide range of topics with enthusiasm, vulnerability, and a commitment to genuine connection. Remember, life is full of possibilities, and each chapter is an opportunity for growth, joy, and making lasting memories.


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IMPORTANT NOTE: In the summer of 2023, Behind the Bliss Podcast was rebranded to the new title Real Talk with Rachel Awtrey. Some information and links may have changed since recording this episode.

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed in each episode are those of the individual contributors and do not necessarily reflect those of the podcast host and team or the owner of this Intellectual Property. This podcast is not an authority of legal advice, and listeners are encouraged to seek professional counsel with regard to their brand, business, and otherwise. We hope you enjoy and find value in each episode.

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