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May Thoughts via Voice Memos! with Rachel | Episode 234

June 12, 2023

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As a mama, wife, and blogger I lead conversations around the ups and downs of life, from practical tips to relatable stories that'll leave you thinking, "hey, I've been there too!"


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about this episode

Welcome to a raw and unfiltered episode of Real Talk with Rachel! In today’s show, we’re taking a deep dive into my personal reflections from the past month. Get ready to step inside my brain as I share a collection of candid voice memos that capture my thoughts, ideas, and conversations with friends. From spontaneous musings to introspective moments, this episode offers a glimpse into my unfiltered world. So, sit back, relax, and join me on this intimate journey of self-reflection and discovery.

  1. Unscripted Whims: Spontaneous Thoughts and Ideas

In this segment, I share voice memos that were recorded on a whim, capturing my unfiltered thoughts and ideas as they surfaced in everyday moments. From driving in the car to taking a walk in nature, these candid recordings reveal the spontaneous nature of my reflections and offer a glimpse into the stream of consciousness that guides my thinking.

  1. Thoughtful Contemplation: Deep Dives into Meaningful Topics

Some voice memos are more deliberate and thought-provoking, as I explore meaningful topics that have resonated with me over the past month. These reflections range from personal growth and self-discovery to societal issues and the pursuit of happiness. Join me as I delve into these subjects with curiosity and an open mind, inviting listeners to join the conversation and reflect on their own perspectives.

  1. Conversations with Friends: Shared Insights and Revelations

Real Talk with Rachel is all about authentic conversations, and this segment features voice memos recorded during meaningful discussions with friends. These unfiltered conversations offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of ideas, insights, and revelations that emerge when we engage with others. From late-night chats to coffee shop rendezvous, these voice memos capture the magic of human connection and the power of shared experiences.

  1. Lessons from Past Seasons: Continuing or Letting Go

Reflecting on past seasons allows us to learn from our experiences and make intentional choices for the future. In this episode, I share voice memos where I contemplate the things worth continuing and the aspects that are better left behind. As I navigate this reflective process, I invite listeners to embark on their own journey of self-discovery and consider the lessons from their past seasons.

In this intimate episode of Real Talk with Rachel, you’ve had a rare opportunity to enter the inner workings of my mind. From unscripted whims and thoughtful contemplation to conversations with friends, these candid voice memos offer an unfiltered glimpse into my thoughts, ideas, and reflections from the past month.

As you’ve listened to this collection, I hope it has sparked your own introspection and inspired you to reflect on your own journey. Remember, self-reflection is a powerful tool for growth and personal development. Take time to pause, capture your thoughts, and embrace the beauty of your own unique perspective.

Thank you for joining me on this candid adventure within my brain. Real Talk with Rachel will continue to bring you honest conversations and thought-provoking topics that inspire and uplift. Stay tuned for future episodes as we navigate the complexities of life and share our collective wisdom on the path to living our best lives.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: In the summer of 2023, Behind the Bliss Podcast was rebranded to the new title Real Talk with Rachel Awtrey. Some information and links may have changed since recording this episode.

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I am an online encourager based out of Birmingham, AL that's obsessed with my girls and sharing bits and pieces of my life. I wear a lot of hats these days including mama to two boys, military wife, blogger, podcast host and more. You can find me behind the microphone at Real Talk with Rach where we talk about everything from jeans to Jesus, playlists to pop culture, the good and the grief and everything in between. 

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